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Hebe Rose New York



Recycled Nylon, trimmed with Genuine Leather and a touch of Stunning Rabbit Fur. Double Entry Compartments. Light Gold Hardware with Studded Detail. Adjustable Straps and Recycled Lining.

About Designer: Hebe Rose New York is cool yet conscious. We are a fashion handbag brand that uses elements of natural or recycled materials. Some of our recycled materials come from PET Plastic bottles from all over this world. We also are always trying to find new ways to recreate other elements such as recycled and regenerated leather in future collections. When we started our journey together in January 2016 we had a few common goals. We saw so much wastage in our factories over the years. One of our strategies was to look into saving some of this waste, but at the same time, create product with recycling what we could while making a difference. In the beginning, we tried many ways to help the environment but with all the laws set in place, a few challenges faced us on our path and as a start up company that was not an easy task. We were fortunate to have some contact with people who believed in our vision and have helped us get to where we are today. Now we are working on creating recycled material from PET plastic bottles from all over our world. We traveled abroad to meet the people in different countries who sort through landfills to find these recyclables. Our journey through out Asia was heartfelt and knowledgable. What we learnt was that our American landfills are at capacity and our garbage is slowing being sent over to third world countries, like the Philippines. Yes, this helps the people of the Philippines to earn a living but yet you feel a sense of sadness in your heart, especially when you see it in person. These people live at the landfills, they raise their children,they eat their food, they send their kids to school. Right in that neighborhood. Ten years ago, we did not even realize the effect that water bottles or plastic in general was doing to our world, let alone what PET plastic are now. We would just grab and go. It was so convenient. I am sure we all wonder now why anyone allowed this to happen, and why PET plastic wasn't invented sooner, since PET plastic is sustainable. We are determined to change the way consumers in the handbag market see fashion but it is not always easy with our industry leaders taking over the market. Hopefully the public will become aware of what is happening not only in the fashion industry, but with our world. How we can make a difference, one step at a time, but many steps with many people can make a statement. That is what we are hoping for. So, in a nutshell, that is what Hebe Rose New York is all about. We are determined to make a difference. Our entire team, believes in us and Mother Earth. We are recycled. upcyled and ethical! Our handbags are more than 60% recycled. Recycled Lining, Recycled Outer Material, and some of our Hardware is Recycled, as well! We believe that "recycling turns things into other things which is kind of like magic" so hashtag us #handbagmagic while you wear your #heberosenewyork handbag! We hope you take pride in wearing it, as much as we do We plan to modernize the cycle of fashion, so, together, we can save Mother Earth, one beautiful handbag at a time.

Width 10" Height 11.5" Depth 5.5" Drop 0"

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