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Monique Rene



This signature bag of Monique Rene is great for everyday with its functional pockets and versatile drop in the shoulder straps. The bag has a zip closure with two pockets inside for cellphones and wallets. The back pocket is large and discreet and can hold an iPhone 6. The front pocket where the logo is stamped in gold can be used for your train card or other types of flat ID cards. The signature M FLAP construction allows additional flaps to be purchased in fall or spring colors for year round use.

About Designer: Monique has adored fashion all her life. She started as a child with working with pencils, paper, fabric, leather, and any other art medium she could get a hold. This passion for art and creativity transpired into a bachelors degree within Parsons The New School for Design to extend her love of culture and fashion in the heart of New York. During her years at Parsons she also worked at the prestigious Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan as a handbag consultant, where she was exposed to the most notable fashion houses with a rich history and current culture of fashion. Her experience allowed her to understand the art of handbags in the most ultra luxe settings. Seeing a handbag that may go out of style by its color, or even shape was something Monique wanted to change. What if you could update and stay with the trends just by changing a flap on a bag instead of an entire bag? What if you could add a pop of color to more then one of your bags? This is how the brand Monique Rene was born .

Width 14" Height 10" Depth 5.5" Drop 8"

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