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Features: Colour: Lime. Outer: Napa calfskin. Lining: 65% cotton/35% polyester. Internal pockets: Two, one big zip pocket and a smaller mobile phone pocket. Size: 30 cm/11.81” wide, 14 cm/5.51” high, 7 cm/2.76” deep. DESCRIPTION REVIEW (0) Asymmetric is a minimalist handbag with straight lines and an asymmetric flap which adds a special touch. This is a versatile handbag, you can carry it on your shoulder thanks to its handle, or as a briefcase. It has been designed for natural and elegant women who also like adding a splash of colour to their lives through accessories. This handbag is made from authentic Napa calfskin leather, which stands out for its high quality and an excellent smooth finish. Handmade in Ubrique, Spain. icono-cuidados-ingles.png LEATHER CARE Please protect the product from humidity and keep it away from heat and light sources. Always keep the product in its original packaging. Avoid any contact with water, grease, perfumes, or cosmetics. Use a soft and pale cloth to clean it. Never use soap or thinners. Any small imperfection found in any of our products is just a sign that we use authentic leather.

About Designer: Hédara is our name, it is a wordplay with the word hedera, which means ivy in Latin. We chose it because we believe that ivy is the plant that best defines our hallmarks, as well as what we want to convey with our work. Ivy is a strong and durable plant, but at the same time, it is refined and elegant. This is why we have chosen leather as the necessary material to convey these values, because leather is beautiful, natural, elegant, durable, high-quality… Yes, it shares these features with ivy, and yes, you can tell we love leather, can’t you? Leather is a genuine and timeless product that has always been present in our lives, and this is why we want to promote it, because we want to show Spanish leather off, as we know that Spain is one of the leading countries in the global leather fashion accessories sector, due to a job well done for centuries, as well as to its high quality. Our handbags are handmade by craftsmen in Ubrique, Spain. We have selected our leathers, as well as every detail, with great care and attention. We want to contribute a new concept of handbags to all this tradition through design, by combining different disciplines: fashion, decorating, architecture… We love to try and combine different shapes and volumes, but always with a very feminine, elegant and functional style. In short, an innovative design, a top-quality leather and a special attention to detail make each of our handbags an original piece with a unique style.

Width 11.82" Height 5.51" Depth 2.75" Drop Missing drop"

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