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Moro Tran NYC

Moro Tran Leather Crossbody Shoulder Bag with Adjustable Strap - VESPER


Clean and chic, Vesper is the ultimate sleek black bag. The hardware is coated in matte black. The straps are attached with moving hinges that swing with the body. It is unique and understated. Stylish and easy to wear.

About Designer: Moro Tran is a Manhattan based brand. Inspired by the streets of NYC. Linda Moro and Kimberly Tran founded Moro Tran in 2013. After meeting through the Fashion Institute of Technology, the pair worked in the industry in a multitude of fashion categories before starting their own line of signature handbags. For more information visit: “Why not make our products in NYC?” After years of working and extensive travel overseas, the duo decided to take things back to NYC. This led to partnerships with amazing factories and people in the city "where the craftsmen and women take pride in their work." The 1st edition of bags hold special meaning to the designers. Kim and Linda hand-make unique, artisan hardware pieces for each and every bag. With a foundation of raw brass, the duo machined, welded, sanded, powder-coated and polished each individual hardware piece. While these methods are unconventional, Linda and Kim enjoy testing their limits as to what they can accomplish. Their attention to detail, design, functionality, and engineering make Moro Tran's luxury handbags very unique and special. Moro Tran uses the finest Italian leathers, high quality exotic skins and custom sateen lining woven and printed in Italy. Authenticity cards accompany each 1st edition handbag.

Width 7.5" Height 6.5" Depth 3.5" Drop 22"

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