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Nizhnick Anton

Nizhnick Anton - bag № 1


Roomy bag with long shoulder belt. Made of solid leather. It is very comfortable and will be a perfect variant for people with active lifestyles. Comfortable model for every day as well as for travel.

About Designer: The brand “Anton Nizhnik” was founded in 2009 by a Russian guy Anton Nizhnik, born and raised in Tula. He specializes on production of the hand-made leather bags, shoes and accessories. Depending on the models’ purpose and design, the different types of skin are being used in order to emphasize certain effects. We work with: cows’, goats’ and pigs’ skin. The skin is being colored, textured and put under termo pressure. Every single item is hand-made. Most of the leather goods are sewed without using sewing machines. Every stitch is unique and it gives each model individual style. This sewing type is called “Saddle- stitching”. Besides the long-lasting quality it gives a special decorative touch to each model. These bags bring joy and positive spirit. Simplicity and geometry of accessories’ forms brings the idea of completeness and refinement to each models’ style and design. Brand's vision. "Leather accessories as a second skin". this concept focuses on the simplicity and convinience of our products. Our way is an ambition for pithiness in accessories creation. To fill our works with warmth of our hands, to create not just a "thing" to give our products soul and character - this what we call the mission of NIZHNICK Anton workshop's artisans. We are driven by the same core values: design, handmade, personal service and real love for our work. We aim to emphasize the individuality of each customer by creating unique color schemes manually. our audience is the stylish, luxurious, bright personalities who are not afraid to show the strength of their characters.

Width 12,2" Height 13,4" Depth 1" Drop n/a"

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