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Leonor Design

Turquoise, Pink and Green Colibri Clutch Bag


Because of the unique nature of the mola fabric, as each each mola is hand made by a woman from the Kuna community, each pattern fabric is a unique piece, so the pattern is different and varies from bag to bag. Materials: Cotton hand stitched Mola, calf leather. Each bag has a unique color palette, and a unique mola pattern. No two bags are alike, because the molas are handmade by different Kuna woman. The leather color combinations are coordinated with the color of the mola. All sales are final.

About Designer: Leonor Design is a handbag design company that designs and makes its bags in Bogota, Colombia. These bags carry the distinctive feature, which resonates the Indigenous Natives of Panama and Colombia, known as the Kuna, using bright colors in modern fashionable designs. These handbags were born from a love for fashion and color and a desire to show a different side of Colombia. Our main material, and the main character of our bags are the mola fabrics, which are handmade by the women of the Kuna tribe. We carefully pair these molas with calf leathers and suedes to create our designs. Each mola piece is hand made by a woman of the Kuna community creating an individual design. These graphic designs can be geometric, or more literal animal or flower pieces inspired by their surroundings. Like a snowflake, no two designs are the same in color or shape. Here lies the uniqueness of each handbag. Each bag is a unique one of a kind piece. Winner of the 2015 Independent Handbag Designer Award.

Width 6" Height 4" Depth 1" Drop 10"

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