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Michael Georg Schmitt


Gretchen stands for leather accessories with a distinctly modern design language. Embracing a holistic concept, the sculptural aesthetics of the creations focuses on avant-garde shapes and precise cuts. Elaborate details such as hand-applied profiling s or architecturally shaped bottom constructions fuse with the softer body and create a new vision of a handbag. Gretchen designer Anne-Christin Schmitt claims that "Design is only half of the equation. The other half is the material itself.“ Balanced material combinations of finest glazed and waxed calf leathers are therefore typical elements of the distinguished Gretchen style. The natural texture of these leathers exudes timeless luxury and makes the colorful collections vibrate vividly. The thoughtful balance between artistically constructed elements and wearable accessories aims to inspire the independent spirit of our days.
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The philosophy is to design luxurious and creative handbags with a high focus on quality. Gretchen’s vision of the modern woman is that of an independent spirit, a beautiful mind that embraces the here and now, anchored in her values, but with a cosmopolitan image of the world. Dedicated to woman with high standards of quality. Gretchen's clean, modern design with a focus on shapes makes the brand unique.

Gretchen was founded in 2006 by Anne-Christin and Michael Georg Schmitt. Creating and maintaining their own label goes beyond design. Gretchen is a brand against which we can measure ourselves and continue to grow.German Designer Anne- Christin Schmitt was born in 1981 into a business of leather goods. She grew up surrounded by fine leather gloves in the family production Otto Kessler. Throughout her school and university education (in business, not fashion) she has worked in leather goods. From selling handbags in a store in France, to visiting tanneries in Scandinavia, New Zealand, the UK; from presenting the collection at trade shows in Milan, and working as a designer to selling to professional accounts in London and Madrid, Anne- Christin has taken in all aspects of the business. After completing her university degree she launched her own accessories brand Gretchen, with a range of handbags, belt and yes, also gloves.

Inspired by sculptural aesthetics and the architecture of nature, her handwriting is marked by feminine straightness and modern angles in distinguished shapes. Eclectic combinations of shiny glazed and waxed calf leathers and elaborate profile elements are signature trademarks of the Gretchen look making each Gretchen recognizable and unique and a true masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship Challenging the conventional Anne-Christin takes on a different angle and gives way to new concepts when designing her bags, purses, gloves and other fine leather goods. Gretchen handbags are a tribute to women who cherish and cultivate their personal fashion style and who have an eye for the special!

Our glazed Italian calf leathers are marked by a naturally elegant shine. Fine little cracks break up the smooth surface, giving the leather a uniquely vivid look and adding deepness and intensity to the colors. Perfectly color-matched, we combine the glazed leather with our waxed Italian calf leather. Incredibly soft and natural in touch, its slightly matte finish creates a deliberate contrast to the shine of the glazed leather.

Our designs are all about the precision of the shape and the beauty of the materials. Subtle, elaborate elements enrich the minimalist creations and make each Gretchen recognizable and unique and a true masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship. Through our high standard quality policy we minimize the percentage of returns. Those who appreciate genuine craftsmanship and beauty of our designs understand what it is they're buying when they choose our brand.