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JINAMMI suggests a beautiful life of sharing and pursuing the "real me". Furthermore, it is a Modern Korean Couture brand. JINAMMI embodies the five thousand years of aesthetic philosophy focusing on the beauty and curves of Korean art.
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True beauty is created by using valuable cutting edge technology. When arranging a garden in Korea, without artificially designing an area, we try to embrace nature as part of the garden in order to create beauty and harmony. A great example is Changdeok Palace which has been selected as the cultural heritage site for UNESCO. The ridge of a traditional Korean roof is also a good example. In contrast with the straight roofs have in countries foreign to Korea, the ridged roof is structured with many curves and unique variations. It is designed by suspending a rope against the mountain nearing the lot to bring out the harmony with nature. Taking after this wisdom from our ancestors, JINAMMI bags are designed with the dimensional lines that are most compatible to the human body and express the unique beauty of Korea by matching different materials and colors.

The lines of JINAMMI come from traditional Korean architecture. 'Ammi', the symbol of JINAMMI, was made by the human cultural asset, Mun Yeol Park, shows the characteristics of Korean lines also. 'Yi Do Da Wan', a pottery from the Chosun dynasty, became Japan's national treasure. It is most genuine in an artificially decorated Japanese Tearoom and completes the space with uniqueness. It is said that when drinking tea out of the 'Yi Do Da Wan' which had rugged lines, it feels as if drinking out of mystical and natural spring water from the mountain. This mysterious nature of Korea is the charm of JINAMMI.

After majoring in fashion design at Ewha Womans University in Korea and at Marangoni in Italy, for over 10 years, Lee managed a number of outlets in Soho and accessory specialty stores throughout 7 different states in the United States. Despite working as a management executive in many countries, including the U.S. and Italy, her deep-rooted love for her motherland eventually brought her back to Korea. Korea is Lee's birthplace where she was raised in a proud family of respected activists during the Korean independence movement. Succeeding her previous brand,'Qoomiori', 'JINAMMI' was launched following the traditional aesthetics of Korea.

“When I was young, I grew up seeing the colors of nature, and the ceramics passed down by my family has inspired me the most.” Instead of being called a creative director Ji-Nam Lee prefers being called the title “Culture Creator” as she would like to not only create a fashion trend but a culture and lifestyle. The “breathing lines” of JINAMMI are designed after the ridges of traditional Korean architecture, and the smooth curves of Korean ceramics. Also, the colors chosen by JINAMMI are colors which are radiated by nature. The ergonomic design of each bag conforms to the wearer, which provides maximum comfort."

JINAMMI strives to capture the heart and attention of all women with our lightweight ergonomic designs and bags which are full of lively colors and leather textures.Nowadays, we can see that people are in search of a quality product whether it is in material or design, rather than a brand name. JINAMMI bags are created by people who are passionate about the materials and designs used on their bags. This passionate mind-set lets us invent and create new materials and designs which is used to create our JINAMMI bags. In order to give lasting colors and a bag which ages beautifully with each use, JINAMMI has no other choice than to use one of the best quality leathers to choose from.

The materials used in creating JINAMMI bags consist of calf, sheep, ostrich, snake, and crocodile leather. The leather is oil tanned and treated in order to create long lasting leather unlike raw hide. Therefore, with such treatment the leather does not damage and is strong against water damage. Our leather is supplied by two Italian companies named Tuscania and Samanta, which is also known to supply Hermes. Tuscania’s leathers are especially significant. Tuscania is a special tannery because its leathers are lightweight and soft to the touch.

The deep colors of genuine crocodile leather which bring elegance and beauty can only be produced by luxury tanneries like Tuscania. In order for a luxury item to last long, the quality of the inner lining is critical and is as important as the outer. The lining protects the leather from accessories such as cards or wallets which may damage the leather from the inside.