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Larisza Pasztircsak

Mrs Herskin

Mrs Herskin is Larisza Pasztircsak and is an inspiring accessories designer born in a digital age, among the mysteries of the thick aired Eastern Europe. She creates peculiar pieces in her inner city workshop, inhaling the atmosphere of the absurd. Her art is a timeless statement of quiet extravagance and her accessories open up a new world you might not have known existed.
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She doesn’t waver in the vortices of passing trends, Mrs Herskin creates statements for ones who seek a quiet extravagance. She acts silently and humbly, not wishing for skin-burning spotlight, yet her pieces are well recognizable, standing still in the passing time.

She came out to the public for the first time in 2010 with an art project in which she was searching for distorted realities and created four experimental glasses using specially developed crystals, prisms and minerals. This “Sight-modifiers” project got her into the finals of the International Talent Support (ITS) competition in the same year. She launched her first collection soon after this international debut and started focusing her brand on unique leather bags and small accessories.

For Mrs Herskin every material has its own individuality. These identities appear on the surfaces of the leathers – spots, darker colors, lines and cuts, imperfections that turn into exquisite virtues on her workbench. She is attracted to unusual shapes, handmade details that are defined by the object itself, yet the functionality of her pieces is designed with a practical mind, with attention to everyday usability. Free of clichés, she embroiders thoughts and manners, building a wonderland of inspiring forms, textures and materials. She gets her inspirations from the mystics of the land (whispers of past, present and future) and the thick air that surrounds her. All of this reflects as a trademark on her collections, along with her strong relationship to fine arts.

Mrs Herskin creates only one collection a year, a series of deeply inspired, peculiar pieces that are only available in limited numbers. Next to this exclusive collection, she has launched MRSH ISM, a permanent collection that she considers to be the essence of the brand, a secret alphabet of the Mrs Herskin stories.