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Navira Abbasi

By Navira

By Navira is an ultra-fine and versatile leather accessories brand that aims to to make woman feel and look fabulous. Navira Abbasi, a self-taught designer, started collecting Italian leathers in 2011 and making handbags for herself and friends that were unique in texture and color and yet transitional. After traveling around the world in 2012, she decided to finally launch her handbag line to express her passion for fine leather and creating beautiful leather goods.
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Navira left her corporate finance job to travel around the world for almost a year. She learned to live out of a backpack and valued handbags that fit the essentials, were versatile enough to wear day and night and had personality. Once her travels came to an end, she started to collect fine Italian leathers and taught herself how to make handbags—often staying up until 4am sketching and sewing. After receiving enquiries from friends and family how they could purchase her creations, she decided to follow her dream of designing beautiful bags and launched her new brand, By Navira.

After taking a design 101 class at the New School (Parsons) and a basic sewing class, she taught herself how to make handbags by trial and error. Her design process starts with sketching a "feeling" she wants to bring and then uses images from her world travels and the city around her to inspire the bag collection. Ultimately, she wants the handbags to connect with people by embedding emotions, beauty and practicality in the design.

"Romance was my guiding 'feeling' for the fall collection. I used the delicate beauty of Parisian gardens and the magnificent fashion of the 1720's era of France as my guiding inspiration and thus the signature bag, Paris 1725, was born. The intricate laser cut design of the Italian leather reminded me of a wild secret garden and the vivid gold color brought warmth and intrigue."

"To me, the handbag design process is similar to architecture; I am constantly asking myself what’s the best structure that will compliment the space around and inside the bag, how will the bag function, and will the design of the bag be minimalist or elaborate? But my first priority is transforming the Italian leather into the most beautiful and noticeable silhouette that will make the woman wearing it feel special."

Each bag uses high quality Italian leather and is lined with berry pink suede. One of the best features of the bags are the fully adjustable and removable leather straps, giving them added versatility and comfort.

After a successful launch at the Norwood Club in New York City, By Navira will be expanding to high-end boutiques and hosting exclusive bag parties across the United States. The brand's primary focus is to connect with its customers by providing a personalized experience, writing candid blog posts, and designing beautiful products to make women feel special and look amazing. To further enhance the customer experience, By Navira will also be offering custom handbags services in the future.