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Alla Klingman

Allaleather Art

Alla Klingman manufactures high quality handbags and small leather goods in her factory in Ashdod, Israel. All of her products are handmade using the finest leather. Since 1992, it has been her desire to create unique designs and elegant goods that are not only attractive, but are also functional and long lasting.

"A bag is something that's alive, it's animated through our work.

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Alla Klingman was born in Riga, the capital of Latvia. As a young woman, she studied engineering, but her love for crafting and designing was something she never gave up on and eventually enrolled into an Art School to study Leather Crafts and Plasticity of Leather. She then directed her engineering skills and knowledge of Ergonomics to the design of leather bags. After some hard years of trying to break into the Israeli market, Alla Klingman had a successful career in design and manufacturing handbags for some of the major fashion companies in Israel. In 2008 Alla decided to create her own brand Alla Leather Art.

My grandfather was a saddler. The things he was able to make out of leather all fascinated Alla. To paraphrase Dr. Sigmund Freud: all problems stem from childhood. It all began in Alla's childhood. She observed and studied and started to do things by herself. Eventually she learned the trade professionally and it has become the work of her life. My neighbor, an artist, made a series of abstract paintings which gave impetus to the creation of my latest collection of handbags. I see great potential in it. The highlight of this collection is the thick, seemingly living, moist skin that I mold and craft shapes out of with just a wooden mallet."

"I look for my own style so that my own expression is evident in everything that I do. I try to think through every detail, to pay attention to the beauty and ergonomics of my creations. My motto is that beauty is a continuation of divine nature. I strive to take what I view around me in nature, then I begin to work the leather with my hands. After many iterations, I am ultimately left with a beautiful, quality accessory with the hope that with this accessory, I am able to increase the aesthetic quality of people’s lives.

We feel that it is important that a handbag is practical and attractive, but beyond that, I hope that it joins the body and becomes a part of the person wearing it. Another aspect that is original to my work is the use of natural materials. Designs and colors change with seasons, but using unique materials, such as canvas, wool, and artistic drawings in the design, gives the wearer a truly original item. People are drawn to my handbags for their uniqueness and versatility. They stay with my brand for the handbags longevity. And they come back because I am always creating new and inspired lines."