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Emilia Arzua

Carla Lopez

Carla Lopez was established in 2012 by Carla and Emilia, launching their first collection in summer 2014. The collection is filled with innovative ideas and focuses on detail and pure symbolism. It stars materials unseen in the fashion world, seeking a balance between the aesthetic, technic and symbolic. The designs are intended for a female who does not mind attracting attention.
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The first collection of Carla Lopez develops the concept of space, suggesting a game between in and outside, the obvious and the hidden, the explicit and suggestive. The pieces offer forceful but ambiguous ideas, always leaving room for interpretation. Carla seeks balance through cautious contrast. The coldness of the metal opposed to the smoothness of velvet, the circular shape is broken by the volume of 3D parts that make every bag special. For this project we had the collaboration of the documentary photographer Lúa Ribeira who projected in the images of the campaign, her own view of the brand. We also worked with sculptors, jewelers and artists who have contributed to the realization of our idea.

Carla Lopez (As Pontes, 1989), completed her fashion studies at EASD Mestre Mateo Santiago de Compostela in 2011. Throughout her career as a designer, she has always stood out for her vision of fashion as a show, suggestive, provocative and irreverent colliding with the mass fashion industry, the tyranny of trends and stylism copied once and over again. Many awards and accolades followed.

Emilia Arzúa (Ferrol, 1983) completed her studies in Advertising and Public Relations at the Universidad de Vigo in 2008, subsequently taking a course in Industrial Patternmaking and Scaling in Madrid in 2013. Sharing her vision about fashion with Carla she embarks on this project in 2012, after a brief career as an accounts assistant at fashion communications agencies. Since childhood she has always felt attracted by the fashion world, living it closely in her family.

The inspiration is found outside the fashion world, in fields such as decoration, sculpture and artistic movements, mainly Surrealism. Carla Lopez is always seeking contrast through fabric selection, the arrangement of volumes and the creation of textures which are one of the mainstays of the collection.

Carla Lopez's bags are unique pieces that will make your style come to life. All of her creations are handmade limited editions that will endure over time. She creates timeless designs, unique and numbered pieces in limited editions for such a special public as her designs are.