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Francesca di Benedetto

Franca C

Passion for creative design is the common thread in Francesca´s life. Francesca sews the prototype for each model out of fabric which is very similar to leather. Only after she has extensively tested the sample and further optimized it, is it made for sale out of the finest leather. In most cases, for her creations she designs the leather and it qualities first so that the accessories are truly exclusive. And when her customers are satisfied with the products made with care, then she is too.
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Francesca owes her Italian temperament to her Calabrian roots. Francesca´s parents immigrated to Liechtenstein before she was born. Francesca spent her first years there speaking Italian. Even as a child she had a mind of her own and refused to go to preschool in Liechtenstein because she didn't speak German. Her parents gave her the choice: Liechtenstein or Calabria. Francesca chose Italy. She lived with her grandmother and aunt, a dressmaker and a seamstress. Needle and thread were part of her life from an early age on. When Francesca was 11 she missed her parents so much that she wanted to go back to Liechtenstein. Of course her parents agreed, but under one condition: Francesca would have to learn German in a very short time, which she did. Because Francesca´s mother was also a seamstress her passion for sewing continued to be a common thread in her life. After finishing school, Francesca completed commercial training, studied tourism and built up a career.

After the birth of her son and daughter, she got a Masters in Marketing. The family planning didn't go according to plan, and she was pregnant again, this time with identical twins. During her pregnancy she decided to spend more time pursuing her hobbies. The mother of four remembered her passion for creative sewing and designed practical and yet fashionable handbags. What started out as something for her personal needs quickly developed into a job prospect. Demand was great and Francesca´s creations were well received by her customers. with care, then she is too.

Franca C. envisioned bags that were multifunctional and suitable for every day, yet fashionable when she designed the first prototypes for her collection. Only leather of top-quality which is made in Tuscany especially for her label is used. The FranCa accessories are also made in Italy. Quality and fairness during production of the bags and accessories are very important to the designer. Francesca is regularly on site to oversee the production and knows each seamstress personally. She pays attention to fair compensation and work places that are in accordance with standards as well as ecologically correct behavior. Exclusive pieces are lovingly handmade which reflect the designer´s colorful and cheerful character.

Double-faced models and the well thought-out multifunctionality of the designer pieces are the distinguishing features of the collection. Franca C. makes sure that the designs are fashionable as well as timeless. As a result of the quality materials used and the elaborate workmanship, her customers should be able to enjoy the products for years to come. The multiple possibilities for use emphasize this aspect. The double-faced models play with various colors and materials and can be used for a variety of occasions. Franca C. takes into account the functionality of the shoulder strap: as a shoulder bag, as a belt bag worn across the hips or detached for a clutch and worn separately as a necklace. With Franca C. a bag isn't just a bag. The focus here is on fashionable accessories with that special something, on the attention to detail and passionate sense of design and functionality.