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Deena Gabr

Deena Abdul

Deena Gabr, a self-taught Egyptian born designer and entrepreneur, creates handbags inspired by modern fashion and ancient Egyptian art. The passion for her country, it’s fashion, and culture has led her on a journey creating handbags crafted with meaningful purpose and inspiring stories.

As an undergraduate, her focus in studies was in medicine. However, she found herself interested and involved in many fashion events as a model and stylist from the very beginning! Through this experience, she gained invaluable knowledge in which she now applies to her current work. Deena Gabr’s cultural background and international travels inspire her vision which showcase a woman’s work. She often uses the term “limitless” to describe her love of artistic design in the fashion world.

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Deena Abdul's luxury handbags designate the cultural richness and capabilities through its art and design. The designs depict the history and luxury of Egyptian art that travels back in time. The bright gold colors, the use of the lotus flower, and the calligraphy logo are designed with the consciousness and beauty of Egypt.

Her love of handbags began when she became frustrated during her teen years when she felt reserved and limited when it came to fashion due to her cultural standards. She appreciated the art of leather and began collecting distinct handbags as a form of expression. Deena's unique eye for luxury handbags came from her mother. Her mother's modest fashion sense presented the true concept of accessorizing.

Every summer while vacationing in Egypt, Deena grew to love the hard work and determination of her culture. As she shopped one day in Alexandria in a very well-known area called "Zenit Elsitat" (The women's crowdedness), she stumbled upon a leather boutique where she learned that the handbags she loved dearly were manufactured in Egypt. Handmade and artistic, she began to collect her favorite handbags. During her college years she modeled in a few college fashion events and decided to become part of the background team. Now, Deena Abdul Handbags are 100% cowhide, lamb , snake and/or ostrich. The metal hardware is all modeled and hand designed in Egypt, and the Arabic calligraphy is written by local calligraphy artisans.

Every year during college and after college she worked with photographers, fashion coordinators, makeup artists to get closer to her dream. It wasn't until 2011 when her daughter was born, when she decided that if she is strong enough to raise children, she can raise her company with a purpose. With experimental ground and amazing results in helping expand the manufacturers and designers of Egypt, Deena has greatly focused on the purpose of her business.

The inspiration behind Deena Abdul handbags transpire from Egypt beauty. Small details such as lotus flower, and Arabic calligraphy art are just a small introduction of the culture. The love and respect of the dedication of the Egyptian people is assurance that anything can be created. Representing Egypt is the main inspiration with Deena Abdul. Egypt is a leading manufacturer for many designers and companies across the world. Branding through Egypt is a goal with the company. "My approach with Deena Abdul is one on one design, I like to be in the factory working with the talented employees and learn from the best artists. Experimentation is the best method, I love how the team is open-minded and creative and enjoy the time spent," says Gabr about her brand so far.

With the "experimental" launch in late 2013, Deena Abdul has been recognized greatly through private and exclusive events and shows. We were excited to be a finalist this year for The Handbag Designer Awards under The Most Socially responsible category which has brought her recognition and success, and is currently preparing for fashion events during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week , as well as The NBA All Star celebrity fashion show also in New York in February. Deena Abdul is also proud to have participated in Touching a Life Luncheon 2013 and helping raise money for the arts and crafts for Young Audiences. In addition, Deena is also humbled to have worked alongside Feed One Houston. In which we raised $1000 dollars for orphans across the globe. Currently, with all the excitement Deena Abdul has been honored to represent several talented designers across the world to help bring forth exposure and be a channel for opportunity manufacturers growth and expansion. Working alongside her brothers Ehab Gabr and Dr Usama Gabr, with international business relations, Deena Abdul is looking forward to great success for many others.