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Terrence Kelleman


Dynomighty produces a line of Tyvek accessories by Artist and Designer, Terrence Kelleman, who has grown from their first famous product, the Mighty Wallet, into an entire line of Tyvek accessories and pouches. The lightweight and durability of the Tyvek material combines with the witty designs to create a memorable product that is playful yet long-lasting (tear-resistant, water-resistant and eco-friendly).
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Dynomighty has been on the Inc's Fastest Growing companies list three times in a row but behind their success is the story of an unlikely entrepreneur who began as a struggling artist and struck out on his own with $300 and a dream. Creating a unique brand with nostalgic Gen X imagery, witty photorealism, fine art, and licensed images their most popular product, the Mighty Wallet is now known around the world.

In 2001, Terrence Kelleman was working at the Museum of Modern Art when he discovered some magnetic puzzle pieces in the trash. After a bit of play, the first Dynomighty product was born--a pin less bracelet, made exclusively of magnets. After some research and development, Kelleman showed the bracelet design around and MoMA became Dynomighty’s first buyer. Eventually, Dynomighty was such a success that Kelleman got to do what every aspiring artists dreams to: quit his day job. Dynomighty took up offices in his East Village apartment, and the magnetic jewelry product line began to expand. Kelleman's experimentation didn't end with his first product but grew into new categories and a line of popular wallets in 2005 called the Mighty Wallet.

Most of my inspiration comes from the world around me and the daily inspiration I see on the streets of NYC. Being an artist, I'm constantly gleaning scraps and souvenirs that inspire me until one day they find their way out onto one of my designs. Most artists need a motivator to drive quick decision making and push the creative process forward for me that works by setting an insane deadline and production schedules! I love the expression that nothing would get done if it weren't for the last minute.

In the Spring of 2013 Dynomighty expanded the canvas of it's wallet to artists around the the world through "Artist Collective" where artist designed wallets are printed right in Brooklyn NY. Dynomighty opened its first showroom and retail store in DUMBO on April 16th 2014. Embodying the company motto “Be Mighty!” the showroom hosts an ongoing salon series highlighting creatives, entrepreneurs, and local business under the theme of "The Art of business and the business of art". The art/design and entrepreneurial events with organizations like Stoked, Able Made, LAND Gallery, Secret Walls, Dropbox and more.

“Supporting the artist and entrepreneur community is very important to me. We’re creating a space where neighbors can stop by to chat over a cup of coffee, for entrepreneurs to corral ideas and troubleshoot problems and where artists can find support and resources.” Says Kelleman. He intends for the showroom to become a place to work in tandem with his new online platform which is the virtual equivalent of the showroom where Kelleman shares his insights and members exchange help and support.

Dynomighty's new space, product line and are all part of vision put forth by founder Terrence Kelleman eleven years ago. The artist turned entrepreneur has always sought to create a company that provided an outlet for self-expression and could help others reach their full potential.