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John Edwards

Florian London

Florian London is a lifestyle brand defined by British sophistication, class and elegance. We pride ourselves on the ability to create quality leather products that are unmatched in design, style and heritage. The craftsmanship that goes into every Florian London handbag is a byproduct of our standard to our testament, culture and belief in the pursuit of excellence, which lead to winning the coveted Best Handbag in Overall Style & Design at the 2014 Handbag Awards. From London and proud we have embraced our English heritage which shows in the embellishment that we have used in our hardware and the detailing of our products. We invite you to try our products and experience the magic of Florian London for yourself.
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It all started in 2011 when we set out to design the ideal collection of handbags. We wanted our collection to be practical and functional but yet stylish and on-trend. We wanted to combine sleek, utilitarian shapes and colourful palettes in an entirely new way with design inspiration from our love for British architecture. It took us another year of research to create the first collection of Florian London Handbags in November 2012. We studied emerging lifestyle and fashion trends to bring our customers the most innovative and unique products that are practical and functional at an attainable price point.

John Edwards came from a Graphic Design background, his role as a graphic designer meant he was responsible for creating design solutions that have high visual impact. The role also involves listening to clients and understanding their needs before making design decisions. He has always been very artistic and studied Art and Design in College in the UK and later did a short course about on making Handbags.

Our inspiration comes from our love for British architecture and lifestyle. We travel around the UK with our sketchbook taking in inspiration as we go - from our dull rainy weather to historic buildings - we find inspiration everywhere.

We usually start with the idea of the customer we are designing for - before we sketch out our idea, we do our research and draw inspiration from our British surroundings - then we go prototyping with pencil and paper. Once we have our idea down on our sketchbook, we create a 3D version on our computer to iron it out. A paper version is then created to make sure the design is as intended.

We then use PU leather to make first samples, this is to also ensure the design is wearable and practical to our intended user - once we are happy with it - we go ahead and make the first leather prototype. Leather colours are chosen for the design according to current fashion trend.

We won the Independent Handbag Design Awards 2014, and we are very excited to keep creating bags that are stylish and on trend but yet very practical and functional.