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Elena Garcia Silva


Lautem is a new brand for fashion accessories that blend design, fashion and premium quality. Lautem comes from the Latin word "Lautem" means "excellently" and excellence is what we look for in everything we do. Excellence in Design and Production and Ethics in Business Management. All Lautem leather products are produced in Ubrique, birthplace of leatherwork in Spain, by the hands of skillful and experienced craftspeople. Fashion moves fast, but we don't. We believe that haste is the enemy of excellence. That is the reason why we committed ourselves to the production of beautiful objects made to last.
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Elena approaches every design with the belief that everything can be reinvented from scratch and so she did also with handbags. She is obsessed in reaching the excellence in every aspect of the production and that's how Lautem get started.

"If you design one thing, you can design everything."" Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions." This two quotes, the first from Massimo Vignelli and the second from Coco Chanel can resume perfectly the philosophy behind this new adventure of Elena. With a rich architectural background and some experience in furniture design she decided to reinvent herself to follow one of her main passions. She spent some time in workshops with experienced artisans to understand their techniques and see how she could use them to create something different. Elena is focused on creating a design that is timeless. Her main inspiration comes from the modernist movement, especially from Bauhaus school.

Lautem use only premium quality calf leather: the outside leather has been treated with a light finish to preserve its natural surface structure; and on the interiors it has a superior nubuck finish. Because we believe that the touch feeling should be always considered as an important part of the experience of carrying our bags. In our first collection Structurae we emphasize this feeling by playing the contrast between the leather and the metallic handles.

Lautem launched its first collection Structurae in June 2014 and we hope you are as excited as we are.