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Lauren van der Kolk


Lauren van der Kolk is a creative all-rounder who works under the name LVDK. She studied at the Academy Artemis Amsterdam, Parsons in New York and the Photo Academy in Amsterdam. She prefers to combine as many disciplines as possible. With backgrounds in photography and concept design, she is always looking for a new challenge to express her creativity. Currently Lauren works on her handbags, "LVDK-Bags" that are high quality cow leather handbags, which she makes by hand.
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Lauren started her brand after she graduated. She created different creative lines under the name LVDK. After working for a company where she designed handbags for other big companies, Lauren decided to start on her own and needed to get back to the production side and missed the feeling of creating something by hand. The handmade LVDK handbags are high quality cow leather bags and fits every occasion. These pieces are designed and made in the Netherlands and are inspired on vintage doctor bags.

Lauren created all bags by hand drawings and sourced the leather all by herself. After being nominated for the Independent Handbag Designer Awards, she decided to start working on her brand and to make it into something bigger. Here is something that Lauren lives by.

"We are more than just accessories' designers. We are designers who are able to create something which can carry other peoples live around. Believe in yourself and trust your own feelings. You are the only one who can make and is responsible for your own choices. If the design is simple and strong, and the materials are perfect constructed, it's a LVDK-bag."

Stay tuned for bigger and brighter bags from LVDK. There is so much more to come.