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Gili Rozin Tamam


Not your conventional women's accessories brand... MeDusa, named after the famous mythological Greek deity and Hebrew word for jellyfish and is dominantly influenced by the all the beautiful colors and patterns found in sea life. Our brand Medusa represents a young and contemporary urban style that is evident in our bags shapes, colors and materials. Using a groundbreaking and innovative technique, we brand all of our colorful PVC clutches and accessories with our unique and groundbreaking MeDusa brand. Making a MeDusa bag is a long and well thought through process and there are many stages in production, from the moment we have the initial idea to the final product. There are many designers that make PVC accessories, but none that brand PVC like MeDusa. All our products are handmade here in Israel and are 100% vegan, eco-friendly, durable and easy to clean.
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The true essence of MeDusa is truly about unique bags, purses and clutches made of plastic compound, using an industrial technique that provides each item a one-of-a-kind feel. MeDusa represents a young and contemporary urban style that is evident in the collections' shapes, visibility and materials.

The concept of MeDusa came to life in 2009, when we searched for a way to bring innovative textiles into the fashion and accessories industry. We were driven by the desire to create something completely new in the fashion accessory market, to take a relatively well-known material and use it in a groundbreaking and innovative way. Immediately, we were drawn to the unique look that resulted from sculpting a compound of industrial plastic in vibrant hues. We have essentially taken a material and embossing technique previously reserved to the automotive industry and repurposed it in the world of fashion. Beyond style, MeDusa takes pride in the fact that all its designs are cruelty-free, and incredibly durable (both designers are young mothers and can attest to the fact that their purses are even baby-proof!)

Medusa was founded in 2009 by Gili Rozin Tamam and Adi Gal, graduates of the Jewelry Design Department of Shenkar College, Tel Aviv, Israel. The two designers who found each other through mutual work began during their studies, and led them to be finalists in the ITS#8 competition in Trieste, Italy. Since then, they have participated in many contests and exhibitions,such as the NYGIF show, Accessories Circuit NY, Capsule NY, Pulse London, Bread & Butter trade show in Berlin as well as being a Finalist in the 2014 Independent Handbag Designer Awards.

MeDusa presents a young and contemporary urban style that is evident in the collections' shapes, visibility and materials. The idea behind the items, which are all hand-made, is the creation of something new and different from what can usually be found in the market, and to succeed in working with a relatively well-known material in a unique and innovative way. Strong and vibrant colors dominate the items and strengthen the brand's connection to contemporary fashion.

Our MeDusa bags are made of varying mixtures of plastic, PVA and plastic sheets, leather like fabric (that are coming from the car industry) and vinyl. This technique incorporates machine-produced design with hand crafting. The plastic is made with special machine, one by one, and then each bag is being hand sewn, to become a bag or clutch. In the special premium line before the sewing we added another part which is completely handmade and create as one of a kind. We work on each spread of plastic and sew precious element like: silver/gold studs, pearls, onyx stone and Swarovski crystals.

These days the Landmark collection is getting bigger, and we are working on the second part to be launch in a few months. We are exhibiting in multiple tradeshows and always looking for interesting new things and collaborations. We are excited for what the future will bring - with a lot of bright colors!