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Manar Laktineh


Moni&J bags are crafted from the finest materials from all around the world, designed by Manar Laktineh a Syrian designer who based in Kuwait in the GCC. Manar works with ateliers from Lebanon to Italy with all leathers and skins sourced in Italy. Manar focuses on maintaining the same silhouettes and styles, but adding new colors and materials each season with a new style added yearly. The DNA of the brand Moni&J never changes. Moni&J is not just a handbag.... it's a lifestyle
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Moni&J luxury handbags has dedicated to provide new concepts for the handbag industry , the unique designs can take the whole outfit to the next level , Moni&J handbags are starting new trends with their avant garde handbags. Manar Laktineh the creative director and designer for Moni&J handbags has been designing clothes and accessories for her own use since she was so young and always had the attention for what she is doing from her friends and family who encouraged her to do her own line of clothes and accessories but she chose to specialize in handbags because she believe that "a right handbag can take the whole outfit to the next level and can give that eye-catching look that any woman needs."

Manar has launched her very first collection of luxury handbags and named it after her self, her husband and her lovely twin girls Moni&J. Manar always says that she was born to design unique handbags so it made sense to have the brand based on something she gave birth to, herself.

Moni&J bags are crafted from finest various kinds of genuine leather, exotic skins and special made gold plated hardware. Many things changed when Moni&J was a finalist for the 2014 Independent Handbag Designer Awards for the Best Handbag in Overall Style and Design category as the brand is on to global expansion. Moni&J handbags have captured the attention of many celebrities, bloggers and royalties and now its one of the most popular brands in the Middle East.