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Elda Bellone


SCOOPEDESIGN is a multidisciplinary cooperation, which combines different crafts and heterogeneous languages , where the experience becomes investigation and development of new concepts, objects, shapes, materials, functions and images. A free and open approach to the dialogue between art, design and communication. Elda Bellone (Scoopedesign) in collaboration with Italian factory MADA releases UUbag, a roomy convertible bag with style, practicality, and a playful touch. Its basic design combines the look and function of a tote bag and a handbag all in one. The double handles and the fact that the bag is reversible allow for endless configurations matching your mood, your outfit, or your circumstances in a snap. This large carry-all bag fits comfortably in hand or over the shoulder. It is dynamic and versatile, perfect for tireless women.
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UUbag is a practical fashion project by Scoope Design. Diverging from product and industrial design, Scoope set out to create an essential style accessory that solves a problem, just like a household object might. The UUbag fulfills the need for a roomy bag that transitions from work to play. Inspired by living in New York and made for go-getters, the multipurpose design combines the look and function of a tote bag and a handbag all in one. Elda co-founded Scoope with Davide Carbone in order to explore fresh ideas and concepts in design. UUbag is the studio's first fashion venture.

The UUbag's primary designer, Elda Bellone, is an architect and industrial designer by training. She studied at Art School in Teramo and then at the University of Architecture in Florence, where she graduated in 2000. She continues to work in her fields of study but also looks beyond common conventions and imagines designs that blend the different languages of art. UUbag was inspired by a sidewalk view of New York City and Brooklyn. Mirroring the city's professional ambition, vivid culture, and eccentric personality, the bag rocks both neutral tones and neon colors.

Scoope collaborated with MADA to make the UUbag an international design with roots in Italy. The bag is simply made of fine leather. Scoope is always reinterpreting the form and function of existing objects in order to give them new meaning in people's everyday lives. All of Scoope's work, the UUbag included, is open design in that it allows the user to define what the item does and how. Whether it's a bag or a chair, a Scoope product changes to fit your daily needs and lifestyle.