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Nicole Ryder & Natalia Konovalova

Volver Design Group

Volver is a collaboration of style and functionality. Designed by Nicole Ryder with modern woman in mind, the collection in its entirety expresses classic American chic with an edge. Each piece is manufactured in the heart of New York with the use of local factories and tanneries. Volver Design Group uses signature Matt Finish Leather and Ostrich Trimmings. Bold Piercing is their trademark look that you find on their RTW garments and their bags.
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The Blank City is the inspiration behind Volver's philosophy, look and DNA. Inspired by the pre-social media New York, where creative communities became virtual and viral and where the undisputed center of American art and film was particularly downtown Manhattan in the late 1970's and 1980's. It was an idiosyncratic explosion of energy; it was the birth of New Wave Cinema, Punk & Rock movement. It was a time when everyone was an artist and expressed him or herself through art. Film makers, artists and musicians showcased the city's vibrant grit and bore witness to the rising East Village art and rock scenes and the birth of hip hop. It was not all about being politically and socially correct. It was about the reality and truth of things and actually living life. It was a time much like today, overcoming economic struggle and a time of vulnerability.

We want to create something new and recognizable, synonymous with NYC, style, young and versatile . We focused on one material only and specific look - leather/matte finish/ pierced signature look that we use for RTW/Handbags. We also want to create the line that is officially season-less and does not fade sixth month later, does not bore you sixth months later because the weather has changed. The color palette selected is reflective of New York City & its surroundings. The colors are opulent, deep and comforting. The signature metal hardware gives the collection a luxurious edge.

Volver Design Group was co-founded by Creative Director Nicole Ryder and Head Designer Konovalova. Ryder has worked as a buyer for several companies, including Century 21, Saks Fifth Avenue, and most recently, Swirl by DailyCandy, a division of NBC Universal. Konovalova is best known for her work at Le'Bulga Inc. where she created bags carried by such celebrities as Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Rihanna and Adrina Lima. Her work was featured in the book of "It Bags" among brands like Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Phillip Lim, Channel just to name a few. Duo met few year back and stroked perfect partnership liaison. Creativity and Direction goes hand in hand and experience of both co-founders lays solid foundation for brands DNA and Design Vision.

We from New York, and in the CITY like NYC there is endless and unlimited inspirations for our work all what we need to do is just live another day , open your eyes and walk outside... ! it's sort of hand it to you on the silver platter when you from NY and live here. Our Spring 15 collection very much infused by street style/new trending prints/ and curb NYC photography. We are bringing a few new colorways into our spring and trending florals.

It takes 6 months to design full collection. And inspiration can come from anywhere so to speak.... a tune... an image, someone's personal style, things that you see around you/ even the street style - now days is very influential, so we take all in and what inspires us and create a mood board of images/and sounds and then we going into design MODE. We "living"and "breathing " our next collection/season for until it's complete, searching leather hard wear finishes and do our first round of sketching. After line gets approved we are entering second sacred stage - sampling. This is the best time around and you get to experience the "birth " of your new line and designs. Almost always you do get the gut feeling that this is the IT bag and the look that will be loved and wanted sixth month from now. It's a great and rewording feeling. The design process completed once we shoot our campaign images and look books and then it's off to a sailing season - sales!