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Nathalie Ocalan

NO Nathalie Ocalan

My name is Nathalie Ocalan and I am an Italian-Armenian bag designer. By designing and producing bags and shoes with my own hands as well as choosing the right materials and developing more skills, my ideas started to actually turn into my projects and collections. I am an ironic and funny person and this is what I hope to reflect in my collections. I constantly try to seek inspiration in everything I do. I'm a hard worker and like R.M. Drake says, I strongly believe that "if you let your love flow where the beautiful things are, something beautiful will always come your way!"
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Geometric Designs have always been Nathalie Ocalan's best inspiration. She creates handbags aimed towards two standards of women: young ladies and business women. Her innovative and ironic style stands out thanks to her classic structures banded with shapes such as hearts and puzzles. Nathalie's style is juvenile yet elegant.

Nathalie Ocalan is attracted to the world of fashion since she was very young due to her father working in this industry. One sunny day she decided to create a must-have bag which she had never seen anywhere before . After setting up her brand name she needed to create her bag which had to be simple and include an ordinary touch. For this reason Nathalie came up with her “Heart-Bucket”, a simple structure with an extravagant base.

Nathalie Ocalan studied at Rufa ( Rome University of Fine Arts), after graduating in Graphics, she decided to step inside the world of fashion. She attended "The Accademia Costume & Moda" in Rome, where she discovered the art of sewing leather and making shoes and bags. Now she has an atelier in her house in Rome, where she makes prototypes and ideas for new and future collections.

“My aim was to create something both classic and different. Taking hint from famous brands such as "Louis Vuitton", for its elegance and straight shapes, and Vivienne Westwood for the unordinary touches , I wanted to produce a classic icon yet rare to be seen around.”

Nathalie Ocalan's bags are made with italian leather: mostly calf and sometimes lamb to recreate the particular texture. As for her Summer Collection, Nathalie stays fresh: mixing various materials such as PVC and Yuta.

At this moment, Nathalie is looking for new inspiring ideas and materials for her next collections, basing these on her creative aspect and by observing fashion trends of the moment throughout the world. She would like her clients to remember her brand for it's originality and ironic bizarre, which are the key points of her collections. Nonetheless, her products are all Made in Italy, therefore the quality and the creativity together produce the idea of a unique masterpiece. She would like to have a positive connection with her clients. Her idea is reflected in the freshness and uniqueness of the product, never leaving behind a classic elegant style. She would like her clients to look at her brand for it's distinctive products and to give the impression of something never seen before, something simple but never common, funny and daring.