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Jade Furtado

Vintage Wonderland

We are curators of rare vintage accessories.
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Vintage Wonderland curates and sells designer vintage accessories for boutiques, department stores, e-retailers, and private clients. We always base our buying on runway and street trends, giving us the opportunity to offer our clients fashion-forward vintage. Our clients may seek the rare, but they are real people with personal style.

Kody has edited collections for an array of vintage boutiques, designed handbag collections for Paige Bluhdorn, and supplied rare designer pieces to clients ranging from Bloomingdale's to 2 Chainz during her tenure as Luxury Goods Specialist at renowned vintage fashion mecca What Goes Around Comes Around. Jade has curated for the famed vintage boutique Screaming Mimi’s, executed Teen Vogue's famous Spring Trend Book, and enjoyed the title of Style and Media Manager at WGACA.

Kody and Jade noticed while there were a number of curators for vintage-obsessed customers, none offered clients the opportunity to have product tailored to their unique style. Paying close attention to what we see on the runways and how that is translated into street style is our inspiration. Vintage is a way to make that trend personal and timeless. From Jackie O to Rihanna, our pieces transcend trend. Furthermore, most collections were stockpiled without consideration for relationship between vintage and current runway trends.

Dealing with designer bags is a tricky business. The world of fake manufacturing is huge and authenticating is an integral part of our business. Design houses incorporate signature details into their handbags, such as serial #s, stitching patterns, etc. to help identify an authentic bag. To some, the construction and material may not seem that different from a bag on Canal, but we pride ourselves on spotting a fake a mile away.

Personal style is always evolving. We aim to bring you one of a kind pieces and never have 2 of the same thing. A lot of clients love to check back in not just to buy, but also to see a piece that they have never seen before- Chanel skis, Chanel vanity box, YSL charm necklace, or a 1970s Louis Vuitton bag as seen on Audrey Hepburn. Wonderland seeks to inspire and educate through vintage style.