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Christina Di Pede


HYM is his, hers, yours and mine. The purpose of the brand is to inspire love and unity through fashion open to everyone. HYM was created by Christina Di Pede, a Toronto-based designer and graduate of the International Academy of Design. Each bag is handmade with love in NYC using Italian leathers and calf hair. In creating beautiful, ethically produced handbags we mean to inspire potential and possibility. In order to touch the lives of people everywhere, HYM gives back with every online sale to those who need a hand up, thereby affecting global change.
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HYM is his, hers, yours and mine. Our brand message is "I am you and you are me. One love and unity." The purpose of our brand is to inspire love and unity through fashion open to everyone. The design aesthetic merges vibrancy and sophistication, and the silhouettes are classic and dynamic, providing something for everyone and leaving the ultimate interpretation up to the user.

A born designer, she had her heart set on the world fashion accessories from a young age. Shortly after graduating from her Fashion Merchandising program, she began to research and develop her brand. She decided to start with handbags because everyone on the planet carries a bag of some kind, and to her that stood as a symbol of unity. What she created was a platform from which she could exercise her passion for design while creating an experience of unity through fashion open to everyone.

Born and raised in Toronto, Christina Di Pede graduated with her Bachelor of Sociology from York University in Canada, and went on to complete her Fashion Merchandising and Marketing diploma at Toronto's International Academy of Design. Deeply inspired by powerful individuals who make it their mission to spread light, she wanted her own contribution to be compelling in its own right.

I wanted to create bags that are versatile and adaptable, so that the person wearing them can interpret how it should be worn. I wanted the styles to also be timeless so that they transition easily from daytime casual to work, and to evening. Our brand not only blurs genders, we blur age groups of well. HYM is for the inspired individual. The person with a purpose who wakes up every morning and asks “How can I make a difference today?” and who is motivated by their contribution to the world around them.

I use Italian top grain leathers that have retained their lustre and softness throughout the dyeing process, and I use the same Venetian calf hair that is used by some of the most exclusive brands in the world. I also have the privilege of being able to work directly with the tanneries to create custom colors and patterns. Colors carry vibrations that influence us in certain ways, and I design based on influences I believe people will be drawn to. Eg. Burgundy and Magenta ignite a creative, passionate, fearlessness in the wearer. Animal symbolism is an important consideration in my designs as well, for eg. "snake" carries the powerful energy of creation and transformation. Style-wise, I choose silhouettes that are classic and dynamic, thus leaving the ultimate interpretation up to the wearer.

In September 2015, HYM made its international cable network debut on "Modern Living with Kathy Ireland", and continues to attract global press opportunities which are propelling the brand forward as an international household name. HYM gives back with every online sale and currently operates a team on, funding entrepreneurs in developing countries through micro-loans. Giving back this way is an honour because it allows us to be part of someone else's dream. HYM is determined to keep spreading its message of love and unity while making a positive contribution on the planet by inspiring potential and possibility in others.