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Geraldine Macqueron


★JustGunBag® is a Dutch based bag label with controversial designs that challenge the ordinary and provoke discussion. Self-empowerment, daring to be different and art/fashion are key words for this young Label.
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JustGunBag® distinguishes itself in the market by its mission. The bags are next to a fashion accessory also a statement. It says something about the person wearing it versus our society. Cherish the rebel in you and always believe in yourself. JustGunBag® symbolizes strength and faith in yourself. Never lose your sense of humor in difficult times, do not be discouraged by others and work hard for pursuing your dreams.

Geraldine Macqueron was born in a crowded French Italian family, where her mother owned a number of fashion stores . At home she was stimulated for creativity and hard work. She was spoon-fed with fashion and business. From childhood this rebellious young lady was able to realize its own income in fashion. She ran the successful children's furniture store "Hemeltjelief " and painted in her free time. Obviously, this did not happen without a struggle. She had to fight hard to make her dreams come true. Geraldine always signed her paintings with JustG(eraldine).; a nod to the Dutch mentality of "act normal, you do crazy enough." During this creative process, the idea for JustGunbag® was born.

Do you dare to be different than others? Are you not afraid of challenge the norm? Are you willing to take a change? Are you making your own track instead of following the well trodden path? Are you charting your own course an destiny and above all, are you the person you want to be? If the answer is YES! YOU ARE READY for our JustGunBags. We do everything possible to fulfill expectations of our customers and lovers of JustGunBags..

We only use genuine leather. Some of the models have full grain leather and some of them First layer cow leather. They are made from genuine leather and we highly value the quality of their craftsmanship.