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Julie Lazarus


Elezar is handcrafted biodegradable women's accessories line specializing in socially responsible bags and jewelry. Julie Lazarus a communication arts graduate from Syracuse, started in 2005 with business partner Esther Barron creating a range of bags that has been featured in publications from WWD to Instyle. After a successful career as a creative director at national publications, Julie decided to focus full time on Elezar and pushing the brand off line so customers could interact with the bags.
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Every day you are presented with an opportunity to be surprised. It may be meeting someone new, an unexpected invitation, discovering an inner passion or even just catching a flirtatious smile from someone passing by on the street. Some may resist change, not you. Every day has a chance for adventure, fulfillment and of course the perfect Elezar handbag to join you on your journey. Like you, we love fashion and needed better options—so we created new ones. We have reimagined what it means to be fashionable and are dispensing a fresh vision. Elezar bags reflect a philosophy of style, impact and kindness with a side of sass. Our bags are created with eco-friendly, sustainable, non-leather materials and head turning designs. Experience our buttery soft luxury. Indulge purely.

Julie our designer had a line with a friend. She was really great at designing bags but the partnership did not work and they went their separate ways, Julie knew she had a great talent so she decided to start her own line. Esther wanted to be a part of it and offered her amazing legal brain. Together they have created a brand that has been recognized by Instyle, WWD and Women's Wear Daily to name a few. Communication design is visually problem solving and that is what we do at Elezar.

Elezar accessories uses biodegradable materials from Italy that are amazingly luscious and sophisticated. Once we figure out the materials we then start designing for them based on what we have already in the collection and what we hear from our customers we are missing. We would love to hear what you think we should do next season!

These days we are starting to line the walls of brick and mortar shops so our customers can touch and feel the bags in person and see American craftsmanship of brand that does as little harm as possible to the environment and creating bags you can be proud to wear, fashionably. We are also about to launch a jewelry line coming Spring 2015.