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Boris Matveev

Kabo Leather

Kabo Leather bags are carefully handcrafted one-of-kind fine leather goods designed and made in NYC since 2011. Each piece is hand cut, hand dyed and hand stitched. All bags are made of high quality calfskin, deerskin, lambskin and a wide range of authentic leather and fur hides such as alligator, fox, python and more.
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A native Russian, Boris moved to New York City to be inspired and to pursue a creative career. With a background in classical music, and a passion for the arts, Boris was always interested in creating. As an artist, he wanted to make things that made an impact, while meeting the unique needs of clients and buyers in the city. This would be the way to both showcase his passion as well as make a statement in the fashion capital of the world. His carefully handcrafted one-of-kind leather goods can now be seen in the hands of some of New York's most interesting and influential people.

Boris' design process starts with the materials. His ability to find the best purveyors of unique leather skins and materials helps inspire his designs. The next step of the process starts in his workshop, dying leathers, cutting materials and constructing. Often, the inspiration for Boris’ design is guided by the observing and gathering of leather and raw materials. A combination of materials, personal vision, and the street style of New York City constantly inspire him to create these truly one of a kind art pieces.

Having been featured in several boutique trunk shows around New York City, Boris is looking to expand to reach a wider audience. Most recently, his handbags were featured at a charity event for ETM (Education Through Music) and his one of a kind bracelets are sold at the Story Store in Chelsea. He continues to create fine-crafted, custom designs in his New York City design studio. Boris enjoys finding new ways to explore the use of leather with his unique process of combining traditional leather works and modern techniques and design to create truly unique art pieces.