Cut Throat

Laser cut details were huge in the Spring 2015 shows and accessories trade shows. The investment in the look is huge for the spring because of its light weight and how well it captures rich spring colors. The color contrasts with the shadows adds depth to a handbag. Kris Jenner demonstrated her appreciation for lines adding depth to apparel by wearing Chanel to the brand's Spring/Summer 2015 couture show. Also, Stephane Rolland's Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2015 featured cutouts in high-end details.

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Mary and Marie Death Proof Clutch

Mary and Marie Limited

Mary and Marie Death Proof Clutch

Just when you thought you would never find a leather clutch that matches just right with those killer new stone grey boots………we made it just for you! Featuring our signature makeup loops and discrete inside pocket details, this is one great sidekick!Grey stone laser cut leather clutch with removable wrist strap and M+M key ring with inside makeup compartments for your lipstick and other playtime essentials.It’s whats on the inside that counts!This bag contains M+M playtime organizer that includes;-Elasticized loops for safe keeping of makeup item -Zip up pocket for safe keeping of items