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Elizabeth Laine

Elizabeth Laine Handbags

Elizabeth Laine handbags is an American made brand that specializes in high quality leather handbags. Elizabeth is a Fashion Design graduate that has always had a strong desire for designing leather goods. After working for many successful accessory brands she decided to venture out on her own to create a brand that showcased her point of view in the world of Fashion. This American made luxury brand is hip chic & meets the needs of women all ages.
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This lifestyle company specializes in handmade luxury products that are exclusively manufactured in the US. Every handbag makes a statement and is made for the different aspects in a woman’s life. Each piece brings the perfect mix of sophistication, function & style to women of all ages. All Elizabeth Laine handbags are combined with rich skins, opulent fabrics & adorned with gold-tone or silver-tone hardware.

Elizabeth Laine is a Los Angeles California native. From a young age it was instilled in Elizabeth to express herself artistically by her Grandmother who was a Home Economics Teacher & Published Author. After pursuing studies for Art & Design Elizabeth took her passion for creating & fascination with handbags to establish the Elizabeth Laine Brand.

"There is so much inspiration that comes from everyday living in Los Angeles California. From clean architectural lines of historic buildings & the culture in Downtown LA to the vibrant colors & styles worn by the diverse community surrounding me. Art is an expression of how we see life, the handbags I design are the canvas to my Art."

The Elizabeth Laine brand is proud of its American made roots & is excited about helping the local economy thrive with quality products that are timeless & Fashion forward. We are striving to make this an internationally known brand.