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Jessica Tena


IALA DÍEZ is a leather accessories brand that was born out of Jessica Tena’s passion for design and craftsmanship. As a result of this binomial, unique and timeless products are born. Traditional working techniques and a functional and a current concept of accessories go together in this project. IALA DÍEZ means elegance, technique and delicacy. The warmth and quality of the materials, the hand sewing and a quiet design, the clear lines free from superficial ornaments give a unique personality to our products. I get inspired by beauty, utility and simplicity. I offer those who rely on my work special products, which are full of life.

"I try to produce accessories for every day and the whole day, which will accompany you for a long time, and which, little by little, you will be fond of, and which you will never want to get rid of."

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"I am an architect and I worked for some time doing a job somehow related to what I had studied -Architecture- . IALA DIEZ began due mainly to two events that took place in 2012. Now I am really grateful to them, but when they happened they didn’t look so pleasant to me. The first, but not the most important one happened when my boss called me and fired me. The second and much more serious one was visiting the operating theatre several times, which made me be out of work for quite a long time. As I am a tireless, creative person, and I was so bored at that time, I started to imagine and to draw. And when I had got a great quantity of drawings -I don’t know why, but all of them were bags- I kept them in a big box.

Some months later, I took a course in leather goods as a hobby, and I fell in love with the idea of how many things you can do with a piece of leather, a few tools and your hands. It was then that I decided that I wanted to imagine and create leather accessories as a craftswoman. From then on, I have been learning this craft and I have been looking for my way to make designs which show elegance, timelessness and naturalness. This is the beginning of IALA DÍEZ’s story."

The bags are made in my workshop using veg-tanned calf leather, they are hand sewn with chisels, awls and needles, and all of them are made out of a piece of first quality leather.

"When I have a flash or inspiration, I imagine a volume, I make a sketch by hand, I choose the materials, the colors and the finish which are adequate to the idea of the final product. If I like it, I use my computer and its designing programs in order to get the best end results. If I am satisfied with them, I make patterns and make my first model in my atelier. And if I have got what I wanted I show it to you.

The whole process, except the design, is made using manual tools and the skill of my hands. There is a secret formula, time and love. I cut the pieces of leather with the help of cardboard patterns, weights and a cutter. The bags are made in my workshop using veg-tanned calf leather, they are hand sewn with chisels, awls and needles, and all of them are made out of a piece of first quality leather. The leather edges are dyed with water ink and then they are very carefully burnished by hand with the help of beeswax and some woolen cloth. In this way we get natural, long-lasting edges. After that, we do the sewing with an awl, waxed thread and two needles. We sew with the help of a wood pincer. It´s our best friend!. I use a traditional seam, in which each stitch has a little knot which guarantees a long-lasting seam. To finish up the process I treat the surface of the small treasure I’ve created with beeswax oil."

Elegance, technique and delicacy in the form of hand stitched leather bags. Our first collection; EOLIE is elegant, current and craft.