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Linda Moro

MoroTran LLC

Moro Tran is a Manhattan based brand. Inspired by the streets of New York City. Linda Moro and Kimberly Tran founded Moro Tran in 2013. After meeting through the Fashion Institute of Technology, the pair worked in the industry in a multitude of fashion categories before starting their own line of signature handbags. “Why not make our products in NYC?” After years of working and extensive travel overseas, the duo decided to take things back to NYC. This led to partnerships with amazing factories and people in the city "where the craftsmen and women take pride in their work." The 1st edition of bags hold special meaning to the designers. Kim and Linda hand-make unique, artisan hardware pieces for each and every bag. With a foundation of raw brass, the duo machined, welded, sanded, powder-coated and polished each individual hardware piece. While these methods are unconventional, Kim and Linda enjoy testing their limits as to what they can accomplish. Their attention to detail, design, functionality, and engineering make Moro Tran's luxury handbags very unique and special. Moro Tran uses the finest Italian leathers, high quality exotic skins and custom sateen lining woven and printed in Italy. Authenticity cards accompany each 1st edition handbag.
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Moro Tran is a NYC based company that thrives on they city's fast pace and mix between fashion forward and streamlined. The signature handbags are meant to go from day to night in a chic and functional way. Their signature handbags function as a fashion piece to complete an outfit and seamlessly accommodate it's owner on her endeavors throughout the day. She can go from the office to a concert or an event without a bat of an eye. Quality in material, craftsmanship and design are key to the core of Moro Tran. The women that lead the brand, design, craft, and engineer each process of the one of a kind handbags themselves. Making each piece of hardware one by one out of solid brass. Every step of the design process is purposeful and integrated to every piece for the modern woman to enjoy.

The women of MoroTran decided to start their own company at a pinnacle in their corporate careers. They had both worked on overseas manufacturing and were ready to embark on making high quality products made in NYC. They wanted to make functional products that their clientele would be proud to wear and look good wearing. They both love detail in craftsmanship, making things with their own hands and being able to correspond with their counterparts in person on a daily basis. This lead them to create a cross-functional team between friends.

Linda Moro earned a Bachelors degree from Fashion Institute of Technology. She moved to NYC when she was seventeen years old with aspirations to work in the fashion industry. She worked for high end European and luxury American brands. Her experience in womenswear and menswear has helped hone her skills and knowledge for colors, prints, textiles and materials. After over 10 years in the industry she has branched into her own business, Moro Tran.

Kimberly Tran earned a Bachelor's degree in fashion design and interior architecture at UC Davis, after working in California she moved to NYC to further her education at Fashion Institute of Technology for Accessories. There she was inspired by the city, it's people, and the expanse of fashion. She has done a magnitude of design functions and designed for some of the largest American fashion brands in her corporate career. Her experiences span from conceptual to technical areas of design. After nearly a decade in the industry she co-created Moro Tran with friend and partner, Linda Moro.

"We are inspired by the crazy and eclectic streets of New York City. One of our favorite spots is Washington Square Park. There are always musicians playing in the park throughout the day. There are always interesting people to see from friends heading to parties at night to couples strolling amongst the many staple characters hanging out. The city is filled with so many outrageous…amazingly dressed people. There is so much going on, but at the same time there's this function and streamlined component to how the city runs as well. We used this as inspiration for our bags. Making handbags that are funky, timeless, while all at the same time beautiful and functional."

Moro Tran handbags are made with Italian leathers handpicked from vendors in NYC. These leathers are then checked for quality before each bag is produced at the local factory. The sateen lining is designed by Linda and Kim and printed in Como, Italy. The hardware is hand-made by the designers out of solid brass. Most of the parts are cut by machinery out of blocks of brass and hand sanded and assembled. The pieces are custom and put through a rigorous jewelry finishing process. The idea is that each bag is special and crafted to look and feel luxurious inside and out.

The hand-crafted and meticulously made handbags are one of a kind. Each handbag is represents the importance of quality and craftsmanship and care that Moro Tran is inspired to create. This newly conceived line is based on the desire to deliver goods that are well made, intuitive, functional and fabulous.