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Nina Valero

Nina Valero

Get into the Nina Valero.

Flow with great textures, animal print, calf died embossed leather and bold accessories. Our adventure began in 2013, when Nina Baranova started Nina Valero: great selection of clutches inspired by her travels to Asia, made from high quality leather. This resulted in a great combination of Russian background and Australian culture where Nina lives last 15 years. The playful designs with their iconic gold plates, unusual leather prints, have been a fresh breeze in the accessories industry ever since.

And the adventure continues. We are still obsessed with texture, from metallic leather to super soft suede and buttery soft black leather. Animal prints, coloured linings and shiny details are the icing on the cake. A trademark lock is used in most of our design, as a loving symbol of Nina Valero.. We strive to keep all of our products affordable for you, as Nina Valero women vary as much as our products: you are world traveling bohemians, fashionable moms, sassy students and classy career women. Like Nina Valero and her designs, the Nina Valero woman is cheerful and independent, dreamy but down to earth, sweet and tough. The world is your catwalk.

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Influenced and mentored by her seamstress Grandmother, Nina was embedded deeply in a world of fashion from a young age. Professionally Nina’s life moved away from fashion, but personally and emotionally the passion for creation coursed through her veins. Using any excuse to revisit this world, Nina used her spare time to alter, customize and create garments.

After receiving recognition and commendation from designers inside the fashion world, Nina began to explore this talent further enrolling in fashion school and starting her own fashion label. As Nina settled back into the world in which she belonged. Shifting settings from the catwalks of Europe to the warm beaches of Australia. With this change in scenery comes a development in design and thus a new era of designer bags was born.

Every individual Nina Valero accessory is designed to steal your attention and commands to be admired. These bags are designed for fierce and influential women; wallflowers beware. Inspiration born from continental Europe brings with it creative flair and classic appeal that can be absorbed in the European atmosphere.

One day whilst travelling throughout Asia, I accidentally went into the leather markets and fell in love with what I had found. I just couldn’t resist the urge to design and create. I came back to Sydney with full of inspiration and ideas that motivated me to start designing handbags and use the beautiful and unique leather I had discovered.

I attended St. Petersburg University of Design and Economics, Bachelor Of Design (Fashion) course. My choice of fashion as a career was a simple decision because it is what I am personally passionate about. I love it! It is a great source of joy and takes me into a world of beauty and creativity. I wanted my business to be in the industry that I loved so that I would wake up every day excited to start work, never tired of the job or environment and still give me resilience and sustenance.

Mostly I got my inspiration from traveling overseas and around Australia. I would always carry a camera and sketchbook with me. So when I came back home and looked through my notes, I was able to create my ideas and Nina Valero is very much about stand out pieces. I am trying to use unique leather texture and only custom made accessory's for my bags. Nina Valero start to get a lot of attention from bloggers and agent from Europe and USA.

Nina Valero is truly a never-ending story...