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Military: New Army

The military vibe just comes back with 70s and starts to lead the trend of this season’s women’s fashion. With Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Rag& Bone, Acnes Studio and so on bring it in, people start to put it back in vernacular again. As a neutral color, military green almost fits anything. Try it in a feminine touch, a button service style or let your inner soldier go marching toward spring with handsome tomboy silhouette such as an olive cargo pant or khaki utility cross body bag.

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Maxi Karolina Handbag in Olive Green and Black Leather

Anya Sushko Handbags London

Maxi Karolina Handbag in Olive Green and Black Leather

This super elegant day bag will be your secret weapon. It features the signature Anya Sushko subtle front pocket to help keep your essentials well organised and at an arm's length. The hand-finished straps are sturdy and beautifully made, speaking of the craftsmanship that has gone into making this bag. Perfect for office supremos, its carefully constructed pockets allow for meticulous organisation skills. Sharp and structured, this is a handbag perfect for women who mean business and like to take an elegant approach.

STYLING TIPS: The olive green colour works perfectly with any outfit and is perfect for power office dressing, ensuring a strong taste of style which is easily paired with other colours. The black naturally tanned leather is a classic and gives this interpretation of the Karolina true elegance. This is a bag you can appreciate forever.

THE FINE DETAILS: Handcrafted in Anya Sushko's Studio in London. Combination of olive green cowhide and black naturally tanned leather.