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Maria Fernanda and Jose Ricardo Rodriguez Gonzalez

Moriah Handbags

To understand that each style is a unique life is becoming part of our inspiration. We believe in solutions we arrive at are part of who you are. A Moriah bag is the realization of a dream in creating, inventing, and materializing ideas that are part of our essence.
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We are two siblings passionate about design and believe that dreams come true. With different backgrounds, we have created Moriah with a mix of experiences and knowledge to be part our customer's life. The concept, design and functionality are our inspiration for every lifestyle.

The search for new business opportunities and doing something we love became inspiration the Moriah Lifestyle handbags. Maria Fernanda was the graphic designer and working with a well-known handbag designer which led her passion to learn more about it. Some of her designs were awarded, so she decided to do a Masters abroad. Barcelona was the city where the idea turned to reality and the place where she could learn how fashion industry works. José Ricardo, her brother, in the meantime was exploring some other business models but nothing was clear enough. His main target was design management was his professional career. His background in the cosmetic industry and business both made this dream turn into a perfect combination. One thing led to another and both of them decided to get together and try to make this work. Two years later, Moriah Handbags is evolving into a major handbag brand. New ideas are to come on the way to please our customers.

During our childhood, our grandmother used to sew and was fond of fashion. She liked to look smart and sophisticated at all times. This helped inspired us as our family members have art skills as well, such as painters, photographers and crafters. Maybe that was the beginning of our passion for design and made us true believers that dreams can come true. We feel that believing in a unique life style is an essential part of our inspiration. We create ways to carry that part that belongs to you.

Our design process begins with a combination in search of trends, fields such as design, fashion, tech, art, music and real customer needs help us to our inspiration. It also comes from what we are feeling at that moment together with the concept and essence of the brand.  Once the brand concept confirmed, we approach the product development with research of what the essence will be for this collection. From there, we start the sketching process. After that we select our designs which under go pros and cons which we do in order to improve final product (nearly 4 sketches for each product is done). Then, we start making the prototypes for each one of the designs to make sure that the dimensions, function and structure are the correct ones for each one. Once approved, we start with color, lining and hardware picks. Then a datasheet is done to do a sample in real materials (Some are tested with customers when time is available). After the sample is being done we focus on upgrade details and complement the final design to take it into production line.

So much love and heart goes into creating a Moriah handbag and we hope our customers can see that with every piece.