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Marianna Senderkis


SENDERKIS is a brand of handcrafted women’s handbags most distinctly identified by their signature shapes and hard exterior structure. Marianna Senderkis, a Parsons and FIT alum, created her first collection of handmade box bags after being exposed to the skillful work of talented artisans when working with luxury fashion house Dennis Basso. Her original collection was made from exotic skins including alligator and ostrich. Marianna had since expanded her line to include handmade bags with various new shapes and materials.
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The SENDERKIS brand prides itself in making handmade bags most easily identified by their distinctive shape and hard structure. Their edgy yet classic clean-cut designs have a focus on unique use of hardware and contrasting materials.

Marianna started her fashion education at Parsons; studying women's ready-to-wear design. During this time, she interned at Dennis Basso, a luxury goods fashion house specializing in furs and exotic skins. It was there, working with expert craftsmen and artisans on beautiful handmade bags that she discovered her love for accessory design. She consequently enrolled in the accessory design program at FIT and created her first handbag collection soon after.

"My design aesthetic is very minimal and clean cut. I strive to keep my designs very simple with an emphasis on the shape. The hardware is a very crucial part of my designs. It is selected to compliment the aesthetics of the bag in an unconventional way while also serving a specific function. Likewise, I enjoy using contrasting materials to enhance the shape and bring attention to certain parts. Experimenting with various leather finishes and textures is very interesting to me. I look to creatives such as architect Frank Gehry and artist Daniel Arsham for inspiration, as I find great beauty in their forms.”

SENDERKIS handbags are made from a combination of classic luxury leathers and uniquely treated skins with interesting textures and finishes. Every SENDERKIS piece is skillfully crafted by hand using the most advanced and innovative techniques. This allows Marianna Senderkis to generate limited products of exceptional standards and quality.

These days, Marianna Senderkis is in the process of developing her newest handbag collection for this upcoming season while growing the SENDERKIS brand. She's experimenting with new techniques and materials and is excited to share her latest designs with the public soon.