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Amanda Brotman

Amanda Pearl

Amanda Pearl’s design philosophy is based on luxury, sophistication and meticulous attention to detail. In keeping with her philosophy, Amanda Pearl designs are artfully handcrafted, using prime materials, with the collection featuring limited edition and artisanal hand-painted pieces.
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The concept for the eponymous luxury handbag and jewelry line, Amanda Pearl, stemmed from the designer’s love of both mid-century elegance and an edgy, modern aesthetic. Following her degree in Art History & Visual Arts, Amanda entered into the Fashion world, but quickly realized, while both fields offered distinct perspectives that she identified with, separately neither felt like a true fit. Amanda decided to forge her own path, straddling both worlds and creating a strengthened hybrid: Amanda Pearl. Her line is fabricated for, and inspired by, women who do not “fit” into one box. Combining principles and elements from Art History and High Fashion, Amanda curates her collection to channel the juxtaposition of the modern woman: soft yet strong, stylish yet simple, dignified yet whimsical. The outcome is an exquisite representation of modern femininity.

"I began sewing bags out of materials I'd collected in my travels, creating jewel-like one-of-a-kinds. I had studied art history and visual arts, but had always designed and created jewelry and art objects as an outlet. I am always inspired by architecture, jewels, and nature which I incorporate into every Amanda Pearl bag."

Amanda Pearl bags are made with luxe materials that are often limited, creating collectible, limited edition pieces. We are getting ready to present some exciting new styles which have already been well-received by celebrities for the red carpet and beyond.