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Tessa Spielhofer

Tessa Spielhofer

The brand focuses on timeless and finely hand crafted accessories for every occasion in a busy woman's life. All our products are carefully produced in England using soft & natural colours with the finest materials, making the products easy-to-wear pieces that will last you a lifetime. Our bags are the perfect companion for women who want style but don't want to sacrifice on functionality. Every bag has its own unique registered authentic code, making your journey with us unforgettable. Tessa Spielhofer is a Swiss born designer with a diverse background, having grown up in Israel and gone to school in Hong Kong, before moving to London where she studied business and fashion at the prestigious London College of Fashion. She wanted to create a label that spoke pure luxury but with an accessible price tag. The idea was to build a true British brand by focusing on local sourcing and manufacturing. Tessa Spielhofer bags are not only elegant and fashionable, but were created with a functional mind, allowing the user to keep her valuables safely organised within the bag. The days of fishing around ones bag for keys, wallet or an oyster card, are over.
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Tessa Spielhofer focuses on timeless accessories for every occasion in a busy woman's life, that have been finely hand crafted in England. The products are easy-to-wear pieces for women who want style but don't want to sacrifice on functionality. Every bag interior is fitted with the Tessa Spielhofer clever strap attachments to keep your wallet, keys and so forth safely attached to the bag whilst being easily accessible. Her distinct lion studs mark every bag, which is unique to the brand. The Tessa Spielhofer bag has its own registered authentic code, making your journey with us even more unforgettable.

During her final year at the University of the Arts, Tessa developed her brand. This was when the image and branding of the company came alive with her lion logo and studs seen across her work. In 2009 she registered the Company but it was only until August 2013 that she fully started to work on the launch of her own line. It took a lot of courage to do the big leap. She wanted to create simple but luxurious bags that had an accessible price tag. Having the bags produced locally was a key feature that she wanted to pursue, having been inspired by many stories of the revival of the British Manufacturing.

At the age of 15 Tessa had her first experience working with an independent fashion designer, sewing the clothes by hand and working at the fashion shows. This was when her journey into the world of fashion began. It was not the conventional future that her family had in mind, but she was determined to pursue her dreams. With a background in garment design and tailoring it was not until the day for her interview at the prestigious London College of Fashion that they proposed for her to pursue a course in accessories and handbag design, having noted her skill for fine detail and leather. This was a turning point in Tessa's life and a new found love for accessories and handbags and the start of the brand that is now Tessa Spielhofer.

"I wanted to create a solution for busy women who have no time to change their handbags and hence allowing them to transition through night and day. The most important factor was that their bags had to be easily organised and light to carry but have everything they needed with them. I developed a simple, yet effective resolution to every woman's handbag dilemma - to easily access essentials such as keys, wallet, travel card and so forth."

The main materials used are calf leather and lamb suede. Tessa Spielhofer are now exploring into expanding towards exotic skins such as natural python shown in the famous British Vogue featured Davos clutch-bag. The inspiration often comes from the materials itself and the material always comes before the design at Tessa Spielhofer. The approach is to create an easy to wear bag that can be worn through-out seasons and occasions. The interior on all Tessa Spielhofer bags include the attachments for all accessories that a woman needs to keep safe and accessible in her bag in order to keep herself organised.

Tessa Spielhofer is constantly developing new attachments and accessories to add to your existing bags. These bags have been finely hand crafted in England and together with the design mind of creating trans-seasonal products, these bags are made to last and love for ever and were recognized at the 8th Annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards for the Best Handmade category. With our quality guarantee and after-care this is a purchase you don't want to miss.