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Ellia Wang


Ellia Wang Designs and Handcrafts high-fashion bags at accessible prices. She worked as a designer for nearly 7 years before finally deciding to open her own brand. Taking control of not only the quality, but the conditions in which employees work, the material and creating bags in a ethical way is her ultimate dream. Ellia Wang’s designs has gained a fan following for it’s simplicity, handcraftmanship, and eccentric subtleties.
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Ellia Wang is unique in its innovative designs. Every handbags and accessories are refined to perfect luxury products from the design process, into the creation. Rather than pricing her products at unreasonable price ranges, Ellia Wang decided to delicately balance out the quality, labor, and designs into the prices while keeping them affordable. At Ellia Wang, we believe that every woman should have her own luxury product that shows elegance, class, and style.

While she was working in China, she discovered the dark side of the fashion industry: plagiarism between brands, toxic materials used in production and underpayment of workers. she felt powerless to change any of these as a designer. After 3 years lives and studies in the US, she started to think about the possibility of a socially responsible luxury fashion brand. Can a luxury fashion brand also be a 'DO GOOD' enterprise? With this question, she started her new journey as an entrepreneur.

Ellia Wang was a graphic designer at the beginning of her career. She developed an interest in fashion accessories while working at an international fashion studio in China and handbags and shoes are like her toys. She enjoys seeing 2D sketches turn into a tactile 3D items, with rich textures that please all the senses.

This collection is inspired by paper sculpture and the interaction of light and form. The possibility of paper inspired me to create something different from the structure of bags; to create something that transcends the traditional handbag styles.

Each of bag is made of fine Italian Calf leather. The texture is subtle, creamy and smooth. It's also strong and durable without being hard to the touch. Ellia Wang uses fine gold-tone hardware for the whole collection and keeps the decor to a minimum. Half-sphere studs are the decoration. Anti-scratch magnetic snaps are extra thin just to match the style. Only non-toxic, water based glues are used in production. Each bag was designed from the ground up. she began by studying origami techniques, then design ideas, paper samples, revisions and finally leather samples. Each bag went through a revision process. I made at lease 3 different pattern sets and samples for each in order to test out the best structure and ensure a look that is unique and functional.

Ellia Wang has just released 4 new designs and 2 different colors for each. As always, all the handbags are made of fine Italian Calf Leather and handcrafted in the US. Fashion trend will change, designs will change, but a heart with passion in both Fashion and 'Do Good' never change!