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Kamon Sataya


Handcrafted from fine leather, Sataya produces bags that are custom made with the customer in mind. Sataya also is producing a line of bags and shoes that are available in addition to the custom made products.
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Kamon came to the USA in 2007 with the dream of being a designer. He had always done that in Thailand but due to cultural restrictions and the requirement I run his family's textile business that dream was impossible to achieve. He moved to USA in 2007 to be with his boyfriend who is now his husband and together they are building the brand. Kamon's brand focuses on leather goods, that are reasonably priced but luxurious in feel. He does made-to-order bags and shoes, as well as lines that he is marketing. All his produces are hand-made in his home studio.

His line is just launching now. He is new to the commercial side of the business, having always done products as requested by customers. Now he is getting serious and has received a great deal of encouragement through this competition and from retailers interested in selling his products.

Kamon went to SCAD and got an MFA in Accessory Design. He taught himself how to sew when he was a little kid, sneaking downstairs after everyone was asleep and figuring out first how to run sewing machines and then how things were made. He would take them apart, put them back together, take them apart again and then put them back together as something completely different.

His inspiration is youth style. He wants to create a trendy luxury brand for youthful young people and not so young, but still young at heart. So they can carry the finest but not pay the premium. Kamon loves luxury and style and his bags reflect his obsession with fashion.

Kamon uses leather for almost everything. First, he designs by hand and then transfers those designs to the computer using various programs to finish his renderings. Then he builds what he designs.

Right now Kamon is launching his brand, finding his style, interviewing with agents and others interested in helping him sell his products, identifying factories in his homeland of Thailand to mass produce some of his designs.