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Hanna Varner

hr Deneau

hr Deneau specializes in handcrafted wood and leather handbags and creates bags that are minimal utilizing unconventional materials. The designer, Hanna Rose Varner is a self-taught designer that started creating handbags at a young age. hr Deneau strives to create a bag that will allow you to use your bag year round and for years to come.
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At hr Deneau we strive to create unique minimal handbags from natural materials. We want to create bags that our customer defaults to as a staple in their wardrobe; molding function, beauty and art into one usable piece.

hr Deneau was started after Hanna moved back to the US from Germany. While job searching she started experimenting with scrap wood and leather and listed her first bag "The Carrie" online and instantly fell in love with making handbags.

Hanna is a self-taught designer and learned to sew when she was young. She spent years creating in her free time; experimenting in a variety of mediums until finally coming back to sewing and creating handbags again at 23.

hr Deneau's collections are inspired by Hanna's travels and the cities that surround her. She spent a considerable amount of time in both Germany and China and those travels constantly inspire her designs. The materials that are utilized in each design are thoughtfully paired to create a minimal look that will pull through many seasons. Each bag is created in small batches based on the materials that are available.

hr Deneau uses natural materials. The current collection is made from wood, leather and cotton. Each bag is created in small batches based on the materials that are available.

hr Deneau is growing and is excited to start creating more collections and to provide more variety in color choices!