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GRIP Handbags

GRIP Handbags is a line of unique and stylish clutches designed by Danielle Marie. Serving both anatomical and aesthetic design needs, GRIP Handbags demonstrate an entirely new way to wear a clutch. Danielle Marie was inspired by an idea to create something the industry has never seen before, keeping in mind trends the fashion forward market desires.
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GRIP Handbags are engineered to account for both anatomical and aesthetic design; it introduces a whole new way to wear a clutch. By combining fun and edgy influences with some of the finest materials, GRIP Handbags deliver the ultimate luxury accessory for woman looking to raise the bar, and make a stylish and lasting impression.

Danielle Marie developed her handbag line after being inspired by an idea that pushed her to re-think the mainstream. Realizing that so many bags look the same, she wanted to establish an entirely new silhouette. As a self-starter in the industry, she gained support from experienced professionals, family, and friends. Over time, her idea slowly but surely came to life.

Danielle Marie is super visual, and has always been drawn to the fashion industry. Although with no formal design background, Danielle Marie has completed various internships in fashion PR, and has made numerous connections with fashion designers both in accessories and apparel.

Danielle Marie borrowed inspiration from the "hand-held" clutch trend that debuted on the Spring/Summer '14 season runways. In addition, her admiration for hybrid qualities motivated her to combine Old Hollywood elegance with modern influences for her premiere collection.

Danielle Marie designs with the special occasion in mind. As for my first line, "I considered an accessory that would perfectly compliment city life, and really any event that calls for a little dress up. Red carpet events, galas, dinner parties, or just simply a night out on the town with friends. I love the energy of the night and the confidence a woman exerts when she is feeling beautiful and having an amazing time. That is what my line represents."

GRIP Handbags are becoming recognized and loved by many both on the east and west coast. We're so excited to have you on this journey with us!