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Diana Ulanova

Diana Ulanova Studio

From concept to execution, everything is manufactured by hand, with close attention to detail and customer preferences. All of the items are made in our studio using the personal technology and expertise of the founder, Diana Ulanova, as well as her boundless fantasy and delicate sense of style and released in a form of exclusive collections. As the source of the designs and inspiration comes from nature itself, the works are all about harmony: from lines to the choice of colours…
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One day Diana went to the shop to buy a bag and did not found the one she would like ... She thought - why not? I can create a handbag myself!

The timeless art of nature is implemented in each and every design of Diana Ulanova studio to complement your style, second to none! All a woman may dream of: chic, glamour, individuality... Art has never been so practical: bags and accessories by Diana Ulanova studio – a true masterpiece in your hands...

Diana Ulanova studio is proud to offer exclusive accessories for its cherished clients. These additions will definitely become a valuable compliment to a woman's whole look.