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Noel Veloz


Hemincuff New York is a contemporary brand that reflects authenticity and versatility. Manufactured in the U.S.A, Hemincuff aims to maintain the highest standard for materials and worksmanship while creating modern staples in the leather goods industry.
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Hemincuff New York is a brand built for the modern tastemaker. The ambiance of minimalistic designs and premium quality materials give Hemincuff bags versatility and functionality while the bold color choices offer the individual a display canvas of their unique personality. Hemincuff takes inspiration from the maverick, the eccentric individual and from their ability to create their own environment while aiming to fulfill the lifestyle needs of any freethinker.

Noel Veloz and Vadim Chinderjinschi were both born in the same week,month and year two continents apart. Noel is of Dominican origin and grew up in New York City while Vadim was born and raised in Romania up until 2007 when he moved to the United States. Shortly after meeting each other, the two realized that they had a very strong common idea: most leather goods brands offered a very limited range of options that could speak to different individuals. They both had one goal in mind: to bring a revitalized line of high-quality leather goods that gave consumers a chance to express themselves. Noel's father started tailoring at 15 years old in the Dominican Republic and moved to New York City at 28. He worked at a factory in the garment district and specialized in leather goods. He always claimed that "the quality is in the hem and the cuff". This statement gave birth to Hemincuff and thoroughly reflects Noel's father's values and passion for craftsmanship. This line intends to tell the story of how two individuals with different backgrounds and culture came together as a team by sharing the same values and ideals.

The design process at Hemincuff was born out of the need to reinvigorate classic products and bring them to life. Our design process draws ideas from our environment, by asking questions and observing what we can do to display a true reflection of our surrounding and interests. Our methods are simple. We get an idea and we pick up the sketch book and draw it. We pride ourselves in creating products that serve as both functional and fashionable. We aim to display progression with every new design and bring new concepts to life in order to separate ourselves from the standard. We strongly value freedom of expression through products that can be used as a display of personality and individualism.

Our inspiration comes from the culture we were exposed to growing up. Both Noel and I grew up surrounded by the brand culture of the 1990's and early 2000's that was buzzing at the time. It was a time where the blend of luxury brands and pop-culture allowed people to personalize and shape their personal style any way they wanted it. It was the time where being unique was looked up to. The bright colors and stiff shapes have been a reflection of this strong period of style where being very loud and exposed was allowed. The transition of style periods, accompanied by our adaptability, allowed us to portray our character enough to design very minimal shapes that bridge a line between mature style and playful nature.

Our design ideas come from weekly meeting over coffee or lunch. We sit down and draw exactly what comes into our minds. If we see a very good looking bag on the street we might stop the person wearing it and ask them what do they love most about it. We really try to get into the shoes of our customers and think like them. We want our brand to be personal rather than another name on the display wall. We are always sourcing for the best leather and for the best craftsmen while still trying to make Hemincuff affordable for everyone. It is very important to us that we create some sort of emotion within our customer. We truly want to make it feel as if we have made each bag with the specific person's name in mind and create a connection.

We have just finished shooting our first lookbook and are trying to build our website. Our small factory in Los Angeles is working with us non-stop in order to meet our high expectations. Hemincuff was built on the principle that a leather goods brand should put more meaning behind them and really try to define their individualism. A bag is an item that is carried day-to-day, it somewhat becomes a part of you and we strive to offer a platform for individuals to reflect their own personality and uniqueness through Hemincuff products.