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Tika K.


TIKA is a brand of handcrafted custom-made handbags for women with their own style. Tika K., its designer, studied Fashion Design at FIT in Florence, has worked in theatre, interior design and fashion industry before creating her first bag in 2000. All bags are 100% handmade in Barcelona.
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TIKA - Exquisitely Handcrafted bags made in Barcelona

Before creating my first bag in 2000, I've worked as an Assistant Interior Designer for an award winning Interior Designer Mona Hajj in Baltimore, as an Assistant Costume Designer at National Theatre of Catalunya in Barcelona, and as a freelance Fashion Designer for a number of years in New York and Barcelona. This experience in theatre and film industry has taught me to think out of box when designing my first collection of handbags, AntiSAD. It was bought entirely by the boutique of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Vitoria, Pais Vasco.

I learned to sew, knit and weave macrame designs before I turned 10. After a brief career at the United Nations as a Junior Economist, I went to FIT in Florence where I have learned the basics of pattern making and draping. But it was not until I arrived to Barcelona and started working in Costume Design that my first collection of handbags was created.

I am a highly sensitive person and absorb life through all five senses. Personal style and individuality, music and art in all its forms, architecture, materials...all can stir my imagination and call for expression in a form of a bag. I consider designing bags a work of my life because this is how I channel continuously perceived inspiration. While practicality, beauty and illustriousness are sought in each creation, price and quality are kept in balance in order to provide affordable designer pieces to clients seeking special yet practical handbags.

Fabrics and soft calfskin are my common choice. However, I find that combining leather with other fabrics, like crochet, wool or polyester mesh can give way to amazing combinations, which are also modern and practical. Durable and easy to clean, these allow for draping and mending in a variety of bag shapes while maintaining their elegance even when they are vintage. I especially enjoy hand embroidering and quilting bag styles whenever I can. Whatever is 100% handmade is not just a bag, it's an art object.

Modernism, Urban Style and Elegance - are the three main points which define TIKA as a brand. Here, a customer can always find a style which matches her outfit for special occasion, daily wear or just a caprice. And if some changes must be made to satisfy her needs better, we'll be more than willing to make her feel special.