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sarocha ratnavadi


Vadi Design. Passion X Obsession. Crafted from passion times obsession in fashion design, Vadi Design Handbags are made for statement-making women. "Iconic design-crisp silhouette & lush leather crystallized into Vadi Design's essence. Each bag is designed in Chiangmai-handmade by local craftsmen & put together from materials of world-class origin. "Inspirations are all around as she create each handbag to be one-of-a-kind look whilst having clever function" We wish customers to hold, enjoy & love Vadi handbags as if they are your best friend and represent sculpture of fashion.
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Sarocha has fallen in love with handbag for a long time. The more experiences she'd been using many brands the more she feel like there something missing. Suitable function is one of the main area she would like to pursuit and also the fine material with craftsmanship for those who are crazy about bags like hers.

After fulfilling her studies, she'd been working for Nitin Goyal London, luxury interior accessories and PASAYA, the leading luxury home textile company in Thailand.

All ladies who want to be noticed need a good handbag with a statement design in order to support her and show her significant test from the crowd. Sarocha's design collection inspired from precious gems so call "diamonds are a girl's best friend" She want to translate the realm of diamond into her design and make it to be ladies best friend which she can carry them everywhere.

It's been more than a year until she found the fine craftsmen based in her hometown. Also sourcing the best material like genuine leather imported from Italy, Metallic Leather and hardware handmade in brass and 18K gold plated by the fine local jeweler.

Vadi Design always want customer to love our handbag not only from its statement design but also the fine quality which can accompany ladies like her best friend. Vadi Design is the upcoming brand in Thailand from their statement design, Our passion is to expand the brand internationally.