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Laurie King

Ilene King

Ilene King is a boutique design studio located in Southern California that takes great pride in handcrafted, "small batch" handbags produced entirely in the States. Ilene King likes to play by her own rules and prefers designs that encompass the perfect balance between edgy cool, classic chic, and laid-back casual. In a time when most products are mass produced, Ilene King offers bags in micro-runs, making it possible to own something truly special and unique!
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The Ilene King brand is driven by the desire to escape the mass-produced, commercial world of handbags. It is this design philosophy that fuels us daily and has created a following by those who seek unique and inspiring handbags.

The Ilene King brand was founded in July 2014, getting its start as a handbag line that sold to local boutiques in Southern California. Having a short attention span and a love to create accessories, Ilene King constantly developed new products in small quantities. She noticed that her customers and their clients responded favorably to an ever-changing product offering, so a year later she decided to introduce this concept to a wider audience.

The name is inspired by a member of the founding team, Laurie Ilene King, a devotee to the art of fine U.S. craftsmanship and the artisans who practice it. Having a degree in interior design and a love of fine quality goods, she personally designs each handbag and over-sees the process from sampling to final production.

We are inspired by many things, and because we produce in mirco-runs (small batches), we have the ability to react quickly to what catches our eye and heart. We look everywhere for inspiration - from the fashion trends on the street to architectural details found during our travels. Ilene King works directly with our artisanal factories to turn the inspiration into beautiful products.

From sketch to sampling to finished bag, each Ilene King bag is carefully designed down to the smallest detail. Our bags are designed, prototyped, and handcrafted in the U.S using only top quality leathers sourced around the world.

The Ilene King brand continues to grow everyday. It is our passion for design and an ever changing product offering of limited "micro-runs" that has our customers wanting more.