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Maria Vlasova


Woolings is Latvia-based brand of handmade shoes, bags and accessories. The centerpiece of Woolings is 100% natural Australian wool, from which all the products are handcrafted in a peaceful atmosphere with love and care. This explains why once you hold Woolings bag you wouldn't want to let it out of your hands.
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As devoted environmentalists we use only best wool as a centrepiece of our product and we take special pride in that. All is 100% handmade in ideal conditions bringing forward positive energy to our customers. Our product is warm, light, soft, waterproof and comfortable to wear. We thoroughly look after all the elements of production and maintain the highest possible level of quality. Every Woolings bag requires about 10 hours of precise and methodic handcraft.

Founder Maria Vlasova has a background in design after studying design in Riga Design and Art School and then Central St. Martin's School in London, where she gained invaluable knowledge and experience in fashion. After she finished her studies, she started Woolings in Riga. Five years later, it became a household name within Latvian fashion industry and found solid recognition in other countries beyond the Baltics.

Woolings bags come in different designs and colours, but what stays unchanged is wool, the material from which all Woolings products are made. Women can always find a piece that matches their personality. Today, Woolings products are still 100% handmade from finest wool. What is important for us is that all the bags are made in peaceful environment with best thoughts in minds of our crafters.