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Magda and Eloy Gallardo


Hédara is our name, it is a wordplay with the word hedera, which means ivy in Latin. We chose it because we believe that ivy is the plant that best defines our hallmarks, as well as what we want to convey with our work. Ivy is a strong and durable plant, but at the same time, it is refined and elegant. This is why we have chosen leather as the necessary material to convey these values, because leather is beautiful, natural, elegant, durable, high-quality… Yes, it shares these features with ivy, and yes, you can tell we love leather, can’t you? Leather is a genuine and timeless product that has always been present in our lives, and this is why we want to promote it, because we want to show Spanish leather off, as we know that Spain is one of the leading countries in the global leather fashion accessories sector, due to a job well done for centuries, as well as to its high quality.

Our handbags are handmade by craftsmen in Ubrique, Spain. We have selected our leathers, as well as every detail, with great care and attention. We want to contribute a new concept of handbags to all this tradition through design, by combining different disciplines: fashion, decorating, architecture… We love to try and combine different shapes and volumes, but always with a very feminine, elegant and functional style. In short, an innovative design, a top-quality leather and a special attention to detail make each of our handbags an original piece with a unique style.

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Hédara comes from the idea of ​​its creators, Magda, graphic designer, and Eloy, decorator and interior designer, to combine his two passions: fashion and architecture. With an idea in mind, the phrase of the famous architect Le Corbusier "The primary forms are the most beautiful forms because they have a clear reading" have created a collection inspired by the minimalist lines currently used in the most avant-garde architecture, but also in some older architectural works, like the pyramids of Egypt. Using different geometric shapes, playing with volumes, different angles, all to get a collection of straight and very clean lines.

Although a young brand, your bags have already conquered some Spanish celebrities and have come to other countries, such as Italy. Its hallmarks are quality and durability, all bags are made from the best nappa calf, and the best master craftsmen of Ubrique (Spain) landmark in the world of leather goods and luxury accessories .

What they want aportares a new concept in bags through design, by mixing different disciplines, fashion, decoration, architecture, but always with a very feminine, elegant and functional style.