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Lauren McVey


Purceval handbags are unique, versatile, and high-quality. The rich colors and chic designs will elevate your wardrobe instantly and for years to come. Purceval was founded by Lauren McVey after fifteen years of creating one-of-a-kind handbags.
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Purceval brings chic and edgy accessories to strong women who love quality and great design. The name Purceval comes from the medieval knight of the round table Percival and was founded by Lauren McVey.

In August 2013 her day job’s company closed, and as she was struggling to find another design job, she knew what she really wanted was to launch Purceval. While encouraging her son’s patience and determination to learn to walk, and remembering Picasso's quote, "I am often doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it,” she knew it was time to pursue her dream. To Lauren, there is no better way to encourage her son to accomplish something difficult than by also pursuing her own dream: Purceval. Now inspired by two sons, Purceval brings chic and edgy accessories to strong women who love unique quality leather goods.

At age 5, Lauren wanted to be an artist before setting her sights on fashion. Always sketching, drawing, and making things with her hands, she worked first at a fabric store where she learned fundamentals of sewing, construction, and textiles in her hometown of Atlanta, then moving to NYC. She graduated from Pratt Institute with a Fashion Design major and Art History minor. The juxtaposition of historical costume, architecture, and modern silhouettes steered her to create a portfolio focused on two areas: surface pattern and accessories. She landed her first job in textiles, and for the next ten years her career focused on work as a textile artist and soft goods designer for home fashions. All the while, she continued making one-of-a-kind purses and bags on the side.

This collection is inspired by knights' helmets and iconic architecture. Tulip is inspired by the Guggenheim museum and the other styles were really inspired by Tulip’s asymmetry and outer pockets: it’s beautiful, incredibly functional, and has high-end details like leather facing on the outer pockets and an inside pocket with a leather frame. Mini Tulip is a smaller version with more zippers than Tulip. Devon is a twist on the saddle bag. Kendra is inspired by the simplicity and ruggedness of a canvas tote bag, elevated with extra handles and extra strong straps.

I love making all my prototypes myself. After sketching and playing around with raw materials, I then draft several patterns to sew the first versions in my work room. Once the design is complete, I send everything to the factory to execute the finished product in leather.

Getting the word out about Purceval bags, keeping in touch with customers, and designing the next collection.